Side Buns for Weddings

Side buns give a beautiful romantic look, which makes them perfect as wedding hairstyles. Also, they are easy to create. Here's how...
For a wedding you need romantic and elegant looking hairstyles. Updo hairstyles are one of the most popular formal hairstyles. However, braids and ponytails when done properly can also be worn as formal hairstyles. Updo hairstyles are classic formal hairstyles, and there are many ways to create these styles. Some classic styles of updos are the French bun style and the Chignon. Today the messy bun hairstyle has become very popular and can be worn to a party or to the workplace. However, these are common styles. Why not try something unusual? Like side buns for weddings and other side hairstyles.

Side Wedding Hairstyles

Medium Hair Side Bun
If you have medium hair then try these side bun hairstyles. Simply comb all your hair neatly. Then take a section from the front and comb it back and then roll it and make a puff. But make the puff sideways by rolling the hair on the side and then secure it with some hair pins. Now, again comb the rest of the hair, while taking care not to disturb the puff. Then hold all the hair on one side and tie them in a tight ponytail. If you want a low hair bun, then tie the ponytail a little near the neck. If you want a high bun then create the ponytail behind the ear. Now, start creating a bun. To do this simply collect all the ponytail hair and start rolling all the hair at the base of ponytail. Keep rolling the hair till the bun is done, and tuck the edge of the hair under the base of the bun and fix it with some hair pins. To accessorize use small 2-3 white flowers, and tuck them on top of the bun.

Long Hair Side Bun
One can create a side bun hairstyle with long hair using the same above technique. However, as long hair is a bit difficult to manage, use these braided side bun tips. Side part your hair and comb all the hair neatly. Then take all the hair over one shoulder and start making a braid. If you want a neat updo then make a tight braid. For a loose relaxed looking updo, make the braid semi-tight. Then roll the braid on one side to form a bun and fix it with hair pins. You can also use a black mesh bun net to cover the bun. Then take out two locks from the sides and style them wavy using a curling iron. This will make the hairstyle look softer. To accessorize use dangling earrings.

Curly Hair Side Bun
Curly side buns are very popular and give a beautiful romantic look. Many celebs sport these formal hairstyles. But before we start looking at the side bun curly hairstyles, here are some tips on styling your hair curly. There are many ways to do this. However, depending upon the style one should curl their hair. If you want some soft beach wavy hair for a sexy hairstyle, then consider using a sea salt spray. Simply on wet hair apply sea salt spray and scrunch your hair. Let the hair dry naturally and you will beach wavy hair. Another way to do is to use a curling iron, for well-defined curls. But if you are trying to create a flapper hairstyle, then curl your hair using pins. To create pin curls, wet hair and apply cream to them. Then take one section roll it around your finger and fix it on the head, by 2 pins in a cross pattern. This way work on all the hair and let it be overnight.

To create curly side buns, simply scoop all your hair sideways, and create a messy bun hairstyle using a rubber band. If you have very long hair then keep rolling the bun till all the hair is neatly gathered up. Then tie the bun with hair pins. Take out some strands from sides to soften the look. If you want a more glamorous look, then use this hairstyle. Make a side French braid on one side of the parting. Then scoop all the hair and make a side bun.

If you like you can create some other side hairstyles too. Long side braids and ponytails are quite popular too. To create a side braid, comb all your hair neatly. Then middle part them, and with the back hair create a herringbone braid, and place the braid on one shoulder. Take out few hair strands from sides and style them curly. To create a side ponytail, style all your hair wavy, and create a bump hairstyle with the front section of the hair. Then tie the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail and place it over one shoulder. Make sure with all the side hairstyles, you use the appropriate hair accessories.
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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