Signs of a Good Relationship

There are a few signs of a good relationship shown by both partners when they want their relationship to work. This positivity is mentioned in the form of an article put together just for you, take a look.
Does he get you flowers? Does she blush when she sees you? Is he protective? Is she your best friend? There are so many beautiful things about relationships, that you cherish and hate to imagine your life without. From the time you meet each other, till you realize there is no one else who understands and knows you better, every moment (bad or good) is special. Every time you see the person you love, you feel that rush you felt when you saw him/her for the first time.

Call it cliché, but that's how love is! It's old-fashioned and cheesy, but crazy and wild. It makes you do stupid things, but pulls you out of them just as easily. It gives you butterflies in your tummy as well as the strength to stand up for it before the world. When you have experienced all this for one person, you are surely in a relationship which you don't want to end. Thus, to find some signs of a good relationship, take a look at the following paragraphs.

What are the Signs of a Healthy Relationship?

When you are in a relationship, there are many aspects which take the front seat in your life. With many priorities and preferences changing, you get to decide if you are in a relationship, which is worth moving forward with. There are also a few factors on which relationships depend and when you face certain situations together, you realize the depths of your feelings. You need to take things very slowly and find out if both of you are in the same emotional place at the same time. It is also necessary to find out if both of you want to continue this way.

Showing respect to each other is a very important factor in every relationship. If you think that you are above each other depending on many reasons, you will never be happy. When you get prejudice in between you, you will never respect each other for who you are. Therefore, make sure you treat your partner as an adult and respect him/her.

Being loyal to each other is extremely essential. If you are having second thoughts about being in one, get out of it as soon as possible since you will only make things worse for the later. But if you are sure about sticking to your partner for a lifetime, my relationship advise would be, stay loyal and don't let the world affect you.

Having faith in each other is the biggest need of any relationship. Don't have doubts about your partner if you trust each other and have confessed it. But taking advantage of that trust to indulge in unruly things is also not advised. If you want a future with someone, you have to earn their trust which is the hardest thing to do once you lose it. Infidelity (emotional and physical), is a very common fear many couples live with.

When you are in a relationship, you also have to make sure if your partner is worth depending on emotionally, more than financially. If there is no maturity in the relationship and understanding that you share, you will never be able to go through life with each other. To depend on someone as a friend first and then a lover for understanding circumstances and situations is more important for any individual mind.

You can have major relationship issues, if space is absent. When you are affectionate, you won't find it difficult to provide the required amount of space in it. You can't create a suffocating environment for anyone, as you have to respect a certain breathing space that person needs.

In conclusion I would say, there is nothing called a perfect relationship as imperfections are what makes it perfect. However, you can surely think about improving your relationship and cherishing what you have, as you may not have it tomorrow.
By Aparna Jadhav
Published: 9/24/2010
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