Silence (3)

This narrative is told mainly through the dialogs of the characters.
The Past

"I made a mistake. I made a horrible mistake. I shouldn't have broken up with him!" Mia cried out, as she laid on the sofa with her face pressed against the cushions. Her scream was stifled. "Why am I such an idiot? I should've fought harder to keep our relationship alive - but no! I had to walk out when it got too tough. If only I wasn't so weak, I'd still have someone to cuddle with during the cold nights. God, I'm so pathetic, I deserve to die alone!"

Her friend, Christa shook her head, as her blonde locks swayed. She smacked Mia's butt.

"Hey! What was that for?" Mia whined, rubbing her bottom.

"You're being stupid!" Christa said in that blunt nature of hers. "You did the right thing. You were the one who was always trying to fix everything in that toxic relationship. Zac barely tried at all. Remember the amount of times you called me just to cry about him - simply because he didn't care at all?" She crossed her arms, huffing. "To be frank, I'm surprised, it took you long enough to call it quits. He did nothing but use you, walk all over you, and took everything you gave while giving nothing in return. You deserve way better than Zac Goldheart, sweetie. You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that!"

Mia brought the cushions closer to her chest, like a little girl clinging to her stuffed toys. "I don't care what everyone thinks. You haven't seen the sweet side of him. You only see what he chooses to show everyone. When it's just me and him, he can be the most amazing and passionate lover ever. Like, that one time when he surprised me with that anniversary dinner to Francesco Russo Ristorante. That's my favorite place in the world, I've always wanted to go there since I was a little girl! And Zac knew this because he cared enough to listen to me."

"Yeah, he listened to you once out of a thousand times," Christa pointed out, rolling her blue eyes. "Besides, I hate to break it to you, but he only did that gesture because he forgot your previous anniversary. You guys had the biggest fight that day, remember? You got so angry that you threw beef stew at his face and smashed all the plates! He knew better than to commit the same crime."

Christa grabbed her glass of wine from the coffee table and took a sip, before continuing to speak. "Not to mention, it's expected that he should do something romantic on the day of your anniversary. When has he ever done anything remotely romantic, or even nice when it's not a special event like Valentine's Day or your birthday? When has he told you that he loved you on a normal, regular day?"

Mia hid her face behind the cushions, not wanting to face the truth.

Christa sighed heavily. "Sorry, sweetie. I need to give you a wake-up call. I'm not letting you run back into his arms, when you were strong enough to finally break free." Her tone had gotten softer as she stroked Mia's messy hair soothingly. "This is a good thing. Look, I understand he's your first boyfriend. He'll always have that special place in your heart, no matter what happened. But you weren't happy in that relationship. You cried more than you smiled. You were stressed out more than you felt loved. In the end, you both hurt each other. It's time for a change."

Mia sat up and she rubbed her puffy, red eyes, which were sore from crying. She looked at Christa's calm, blue pair. "I've tried seeing other guys, but it's been a total disaster. I find myself wishing all my dates were Zac. I was so sure that I'd marry him one day. I perfected writing my signature - Mia Goldheart - and I had our whole life planned for us... but now... our future is so... unclear. No matter how hard I try, I can't imagine myself with another man. Their image always morphs into Zac."

Christa heaved a sigh. "Here, eat. You haven't eaten anything at all," she instructed, as she handed Mia a bowl of ice cream. "I know it's not been easy for you. Heck, it took me an entire year to move on from my ex, so I totally understand your struggles. But that doesn't mean you should give up on dating. You can't expect there to be a sudden spark! Starting a new relationship takes time. Your heart is still healing, but trust me, you can still love another. Zac is not the be-all and end-all."

Mia nodded her head slowly, while a single teardrop slid down her cheek. Her ice cream remained untouched.

"What if I need him?" She asked quietly.

"You don't," Christa replied firmly.

"But..." Mia touched her stomach. "What if... there's a chance that I'm... I'm..."

In that moment, Christa had a flashback of Mia rejecting her offer to drink wine earlier on. Her mouth dropped open, as realization slapped her. They both spoke at the same time.

"I'm pregnant."

"You're pregnant!?"

Christa placed a hand over her racing heart while she exhaled sharply. "Oh my god, Mia! Why didn't you tell me sooner!?"

Mia bit her bottom lip, her green eyes were wavering with anxiety. Christa shrieked, as she pulled her into a warm hug. "This is so crazy! I can't believe it! So... wow... Zac's going to be a father, huh?"

Mia rested her chin on her friend's shoulder. "Maybe," she mumbled.

"That's really unexpected! I wasn't ready for that. Heck, Zac better straighten up his act and step up to the responsibility - wait, what?" Christa moved back and scanned Mia's face carefully, trying to analyze her somber expression.

"Maybe? What's that supposed to mean?"

Mia looked down at her lap, while she fidgeted with her fingers nervously. She had bit her lip so hardly that blood was oozing onto her tongue.

Eventually, she said the words that were tearing her up inside.

"I don't know who the father is."


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Published: 7/20/2018
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