Silent Thoughts

Sometimes love can only be shared in dreams.
Within the silence of my thoughts,
In the solace of the moment,
A whispered consolation,
The comfort of a comment,
Adrift upon a sea of prose,
That reads akin to a psalm,
I hear again those words you spoke,
That gently put me down.

And as the tears of sorrow flow,
Persuaded by my pain,
I slip inside my silent thoughts,
To be with you again,
As I ponder with my mind's eye,
The words my heart expressed,
Too strong, perhaps, I realize,
But too late to regress.

It's not possible to turn back time,
And I must live by my mistake,
Perhaps the words I chose to speak,
Were wrong, or out of place,
I can only hope that no offense,
Was felt upon your part,
For guilt can never compliment,
The silence of my thoughts.

Although you can never love me,
As a lover comprehends,
Perhaps you can still love me,
As a companion and a friend,
My apology is heartfelt,
And I hope you'll understand,
That when I'm lost in silent thoughts,
You're always there to hold my hand.
Published: 7/10/2012
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