I was challenged to write a poem about 'silver'. Here's my interpretation of it.
The moon is like a silver disco ball in the starry night,
Illuminating your gray eyes glistening in such delight,
Your eyes that are like shimmering silver gemstones,
Reflecting the silver light of the infinite ocean alone.

Twenty-five years from now, I hope to wake next to you,
To still hold you whilst our hair have turned silver too,
To have shed silver tears as we hold our firstborn child,
So, I offer you the silver ring, with my heart racing wild.

This ring is passed onto me by my late grandmother,
Her words ring crystal clear, "This will bind you together."
I can sense her flying above us with her silver wings,
While the autumn leaves dance, as the night birds sing.

Across the midnight sky with a million silver stars outside,
Spelling out the words that I've been holding inside,
The words that wash over us like the tranquil sea,
The words written in silver sparkles-
Will you marry me?
Published: 9/18/2018
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