Silver Rose

Silence creeps over the forest ground.............
The nights are dark
The moon seems empty
Even the silver clouds seem lifeless
My tears fall softly off my face and into the pool
Of silver at my feet.
My heart shatters into many pieces
Each scattered across the forest floor
My blood seeping into the ground
Without color, without life she dies
Pale white skin, out shinned with the deep green eyes that still shine after death
Her small pale hand stretched out as if she tried to reach out before death
Small fingers clasping something only her heart knows
Within her hand is a small silver locket
She cried as he gave it to her
Only knowing he never loved her
This wasn't a sign of love
Only a sign of denial
A silver rose, shattered beneath her tears
Silence be falls the forest as she falls softly onto the ground
The locket clasped in her hand
His footsteps swallowed by the earth
She whispers goodbye.
Published: 9/26/2008
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