Simple Tattoos for Men

Are you looking for simple tattoos for men? Well you are at the right place. This article has the best suggestions for tattoo designs along with their interpretations. Read on.
Like almost every other woman, I have a thing for tattooed men as well. There's a certain mystery and "bad boy" trait that tattoos bring to the man. However, what is even more appealing is when the man has a certain tattoo design for a reason, and its interpretation. Every tattoo design has a meaning, and a person should select the design keeping the meaning and interpretation in mind. So, without further delay, let's begin with tattoo idea suggestions.

Elementary Tattoos for Guys
The simple tattoos men opt for can be of the variety listed below. These are the designs that one can go for despite what they mean. That is because, most of them infer around the subject of love and bravery.
  • Tribal arm tattoos: All tribal tattoo designs pertain to bravery. The tribal designs are more spiritual and used to be done as a rite of passage to the next world. Hence, while these designs may not mean much in today's environment, they look good and symbolize bravery.
  • Animals: Getting animal tattoos of animals like horses, lions or snakes stands for bravery and closeness to nature. Mythical creatures like dragons and centaurs also stand for bravery and wisdom with more mystique as compared to the others. These designs can also be used as full sleeve tattoo designs.
  • Celtic designs: The Celtic tree of life and other Celtic cross tattoos show a whole load of wisdom. More so, these designs are intricate and look really good.
  • Family Name: Many men like to have their family name tattooed on themselves. One of my friends has tattooed his father's name on the back of his palm. This is a great way to honor the family, and have a unique tattoo as well.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly tattoos in places like the chest or the ankles stand for a free soul. While not many men opt for it, it does look really good, if carried off well.
  • Star Tattoos: Stars have long since been guides for direction. Sailors often used to have stars tattooed on themselves to ensure a correct sense of direction.
All these designs can be done by any one. They all have a lot of depth in the inference. Hence, when selecting a tattoo design, research a little bit about the specific meanings as well.

Armband Tattoos for Men
The armband has been a traditional and very conventional choice for tattoos. Most people get their first tattoos on the armbands. Here are a few simple but elegant designs for armband tattoos.
  • Tribal Tattoo: Tribal tattoo designs are very apt for the arm band. You can go for a long narrow design or you could opt for a big design that could cover your shoulder as well. These designs often cover the chest as well.
  • Angel Tattoo designs: Angel tattoo designs are very popular for the arm band. This is because they not only depict a clean soul, but also take up the kind of space that the arm band has to offer.
  • Hawaiian Tattoos: Hawaiian tattoo designs like flowers and dolphins are becoming quite popular these days. Many men opt for the vine tattoo design across the arm band. It shows man's connection and affection for nature.
Letter-based Tattoos for Men
Considering that tattoos are made for a certain meaning, letter based tattoos are fairly popular as well. These tattoo designs basically consist of alphabets that are important to the individual, in accompaniment with a certain design to complement it. For example, a man whose name is Andrew could opt for an 'A' based tattoo. Or, if Andrew's wife's name is Peggy, he could also opt for a 'P' based tattoo on his chest or forearm.

With letter-based tattoos, if it is in honor of another person, the tattoo is either kept near the heart, or in a spot that is fairly easily visible. This is mostly done to show and prove affection and loyalty.

Zodiac-based Tattoo Designs
Most men are fairly sensitive about zodiac signs. They will make sure they are exactly like the characteristics of their zodiac. This causes many men to get zodiac sign based tattoo designs. These designs are mostly on the forearm, arm band or back.
  • Water Bearer: An Aquarius man can opt for the water bearer design.
  • Fish: Pisces men can opt for the fish designs.
  • Ram: Aries males can go for the ram designs.
  • Bull: Taureans can go for a tattoo resembling the bull.
  • Twins: Gemini men can opt for twin designs mirroring each other. The Roman numeral II also stands for Gemini zodiac sign tattoos.
  • Crab: Cancerians can opt for crab designs.
  • Lion: Leo men can opt for lion tattoo designs.
  • Virgin: Virgo males can go for the Virgo symbol that looks like a twisted 'M'.
  • Scales: Libra men can opt for a design that shows balance and scales.
  • Scorpion: Scorpio men can opt for Scorpio tattoo designs.
  • Centaur: Sagittarians can opt for a centaur tattoo design.
  • Sea Goat: Capricorn men can opt for the sea goat designs and other Capricorn tattoo designs.
I hope this article helped you out with some simple tattoo designs for men. This is where I sign off! Happy tattooing!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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