How much a father cares?
Please let me go in.
I have committed a big sin.
Is all well?
This is hell?
You are enrolled in heaven.
In hell, you have no admission.
I performed a faulty penance.
Failing in my duty is my offense.
My sons were my responsibility.
They turned out to be world’s liability.
I did not set a good example.
At the end of all, they are my sample.
They didn’t imbibe good values.
I, being their father was of no use.
They have evolved as terrorists.
Also are they staunch atheists.
Notoriety earned will remain long after they perish.
Death embraced me to prove that I am selfish.
Lord, what do I do?
To heaven, I will not go.
Pangs of guilt are stinging me.
Being in hell would be of some relief to me.
I will get a chance to atone.
This will reduce my sons’ sin.
My son, you have committed no sins.
Please don’ get pained by your sons.
You are a noble soul.
A wonderful person as a whole;
Opposite are your sons.
Towards humanity are their sins.
They have committed the sins out of choice.
Deliberately, they turned deaf to your voice.
Sins are not transferable.
Nor are they pardonable.
You sons are going to be dead, very soon.
They have to pay for their every sin.
Severe punishment is waiting for them.
For hurting their father who was a gem;
My son, please go to heaven.
Your name is engraved next to mine.
Published: 8/11/2007
Bouquets and Brickbats