Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Forty Two

The messes we get into.
Xavier and Rainey sat in the backseat of the man's car, silence eating them away in the hot summer sun. They drove down the busy streets, cars speeding by in a flash. Xavier sat right next to Rainey, her hands fidgeting in her lap. They reached the back roads of the city, not too many cars driving around. As they stopped at a stoplight, there was a tap at the driver's window. Rainey and Xavier turned their attention to the man outside the car, wielding what seemed to be a baseball bat. Rainey looked over at Xavier, eyes wide in panic. The driver rolled down his window and spoke to the man. "Que puis-je faire pour vous?" What can I do for you? Xavier couldn't believe, that was all he had to say.

The guy mentioned how he'd been looking everywhere for the driver, hands caressing the wooden bat. It was obvious that they had piled into the wrong car. Rainey reached out and grabbed Xavier's arm, the man outside noticing the movement. He asked about the two passengers, the driver mentioning that the kids had nothing to do with it and wouldn't tell a soul of this encounter. Xavier remained calm, taking note of the black cars that seemed to block any movement they had to make. He thanked God that he actually listened to those the stupid French classes he had. The man walked away from the car, entering the car in front of them.

"Xavier, what's happening?" Rainey's dread sent a stab of worry to his heart.

"We have to follow this guy, or else shit will go down." Great, he had such a way with words, saying the most assuring thing he could say. Driving down the streets, Xavier gauged his surroundings, the street names and buildings locked in his brain. When they had driven for hours, the car stopped at a marvelous gate hiding a large building, exploding with wealth and wonder.

"He got involved in the mafia didn't he? I've seen the Godfather, I know what happens. Oh we have to get out of here!" Rainey's whisper drowned away the thoughts from his mind. Only Rainey would mix Italian culture and French culture while panicking. They pulled up to the front of the house, a carpet leading to the inside. A maid walked out of the front doors, opening the door of the car.

Xavier hesitated to walk out, but grasped Rainey's hand and made her follow him. The driver walked behind them, telling Xavier that this was the villa of a very influential man, a man who created important businesses in Europe, a man who had recently hired him. Soon they walked into the atrium of the house, elegant paintings and vases adorning the walls.

Men dressed in suits stood at nearly every corner, eying them strangely. They kept walking until they reached the grand living room, a room that resembled a lounge at a classy hotel. Sitting out a large couch was a man a few years older than them, sitting beside a girl their age.

"I'm sorry if this has troubled you in any way. I only needed to speak to Abel, your driver. It's a wonder how he managed to pull you both into this mess." The man had ice blue eyes, haunting Rainey even more than Xavier's. He exuded confidence and wielded his stark knowledge of how attractive he was.

"No harm done, except that we have no idea where we are, or how we're going to get back to our group. We would also like to ask if you don't hurt the guy, he's nice if you get to know him." Xavier gripped tightly on Rainey's hand, hoping to assure her that everything was going to work out. The man stood, fixing the lapels of his suit. He walked to the two, outstretching his hand.

"Josh Connors, I'm the CEO of Connors International. Created the phones you have your pocket, which I must dispose of, if you please. No harm will come to Abel." Rainey gladly handed her phone to the man, and quickly pulled Xavier's phone out as well before he decide to rebel.

"It was a joke, sweetheart. All I would need your phone for is to put my number in." Rainey made a face, pulling on Xavier's arm to bring him closer. Josh eyed them with a smile and shot Rainey a wink, and sending her into a fit of worry once again. How were they ever getting home? What about Parker? He was probably searching high and low for them, or just her.

"Xavier Warren. We're from the USA, just seniors in high school." The girl sitting on the couch sprang up and looked at them.

"My name's Joelle, I'm his sister, also a high school senior." Rainey had to give the girl credit where it was owed. She was gorgeous and she knew it, to Rainey's dismay. Rainey caught Xavier's appreciative gaze as the girl shook his hand. Rolling her eyes, Rainey turned her attention back to Josh.

"Why are we here exactly? This can fall under kidnapping, you know?" Rainey looked back at Jerry, just as he took her hand from Xavier's.

"We have to keep Abel under close watch, he's under probation for my company. The real question is what's your name, my dear?" Rainey bit the inside of her cheek and felt a blush creep onto her cheeks.

"Rainey Bowman, and I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend." She withdrew her hand slowly as a smirk formed on Josh's lips.

"This guy over here? As much as I admire how much of a stand up guy he seems to be, he's not the guy for you, Amoreaux." Rainey rolled her eyes at the endearment and looked up at Xavier.

"He's not my boyfriend. My boyfriend is probably now searching up and down the streets of Paris just to find me." Josh smiled down at her and proceeded to tell them to follow him. Together, Josh led them down a hallway to his office, Joelle walking side-by-side with Xavier.

"Don't worry, we will soon get you back to Paris, but I hope you know that you are immensely far from there." Rainey stopped in place and crossed her arms.

"How far is immensely?" Josh turned and looked at her speculatively. "Two hours? No need to be alarmed though, Etretat is one of the most gorgeous cities of this country. You might as well do a bit of sightseeing, oui?" Rainey clenched her jaw and frowned even more when Joelle piped in.

"I would be more than happy to bring you everywhere, Xavier. It's gorgeous by the Cliffs at this time of year, especially at night." Joelle batted her lashes at Xavier and smiled up at him sweetly.

"I'd love if you'd show me, but I need to find a way back to our group." He smiled down at her kindly, causing Rainey to frown in dismay.

"He's right. For all I know, Parker's probably sent the US army to find me." She looked back at Xavier who was mystified by Joelle. Her insides twisted and she immediately pulled her eyes away.

"Please, go with Joelle to the Cliffs. They're gorgeous this time of year. It's the most that I could do for kidnapping. I would hate for that to be broadcasted to my rivals." Xavier glanced at Rainey before nodding vigorously. Joelle squeaked in delight as Rainey rolled her eyes. Joelle smiled widely, her predatory gaze locked in on Xavier.

"It's a date then."
Published: 5/29/2014
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