Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Fourteen

The morning after...
When morning took over, Rainey barely budged. Her arms were draped over Parker while his were firmly tucked under his pillow. She watched as his eyes fluttered open and he squinted in the morning light. He looked at her stunned and froze in his position. "Rainey, what are you doing here?" He asked as she withdrew her arms and smoothed her hair. "Uh we just woke up so I was sleeping." She yawned while stretching herself. "But why are you in my room?" He said as he sat up and pulled the covers over him as if he had something to hide. "Parker, we had a heart to heart conversation after midnight then you let me sleep here. You’d think that you have amnesia every time you wake up." She growled sharply.

"Rain, you slept here. Next to me? The whole night?" He asked as he rubbed his eyes. "Yes Parker. I slept next to you the whole night. Good lord you’re horrible." She said as she fluffed her pillow and hugged it tightly. Slowly, he laid back down and looked into her eyes while smiling. "You know I actually remembered? I just wanted to see if you would overact like usual." He said as he pulled her arms from her pillow. His hands found their way to hers and he held them in between them. "I don’t overact." She said fiercely. He coiled his arm on top of the pillow, while she placed her head on top of his forearm. "You just overacted about my beautiful analysis that you overact." He said innocently. Snorting, she looked back over to him blinked slowly. She felt her eyes drag their way across his face and stop haltingly to his eyes. The eyes were definitely the windows to the soul. If she had never known who he was, his eyes would have sold him out as charming kind of guy and indeed he was. With a grin, he waggled his eyebrows and clicked his tongue against his teeth.

As a knock interrupted their conversation, she tried to jerk away but he pulled her head to his. "Pretend you’re asleep." He whispered against her temple. As she heard the knob turn, she shut her eyes firmly and listened to his soft breathing along with the footsteps advancing toward them. He was calm, but her heart was on the run with each painful pound against her chest. "Look at that Avery, isn’t that just darling." Ivy squealed as Rainey heard a thump against the edge of the bed. "Unless you wanna be a granny, that is not darling." Avery seethed as she heard Ivy giggle. "Please Avery, loosen up. You’re just sad someone’s getting more action than you." She teased as Avery groaned. "You won’t be laughing when you’re gonna be the one paying for diapers and such." He growled. "Avery, they aren’t doing anything. Have faith would you. They’re good kids." She snapped. Rainey blushed and felt as if she was invading a private conversation. "Maybe we should wake them up before Mason sees this." Ivy said with a deep sigh. "I swear, he cannot be the same Mason we grew up with." Avery chuckled.

"Everybody’s gotta grow up sometime." Ivy sighed again. Finally, Rainey felt Parker move beside her and she tensed up. Was that a sign that she needed to ‘wake up’? "Mom, Dad? What are you guys doing here?" Rainey heard Parker say sleepily. "Hi sweetie, we were just checking up on you. Didn’t know you had company." Ivy giggled. Rainey blushed again and groaned inwardly. How was it that a man-eating lawyer like Ivy Warren giggled like a schoolgirl all the time? "Uh alright then, perhaps you guys can scurry outta here?" Parker said firmly. "Sure as long as you hurry up. Don’t want good old Mason catching you." Avery chuckled. Rainey cringed at the thought and waited to hear their footsteps. As the door clicked shut, she shot her eyes open and looked into the sparkling eyes of Parker. "You better get yourself back to your room, sweetheart. My mom wants to keep this son of hers, not to have her best friend’s husband kill him." Parker said softly. With a laugh, she stretched and smiled widely. It was always nice to have someone looking out for her, and even better if the boy stirred something in her.
Published: 6/16/2012
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