Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Seventeen

Another day and a plan unhatched...
"Quit moping Xavier. You’re 18 and I need my big 18-year-old son to man up right this second." Evelyn said as she stood by Xavier’s door. He turned his head to her direction and barely looked her way. "I’m not in the mood mother." He grumbled as his head turned back to staring at the cold ceiling. "My God, I swear I raised you to be stronger than this." Evelyn groaned dramatically. Xavier heard her move closer to him and watched from the corner of his eye as she sat in the chair across from him. "Xavier, you’re growing up so fast. You can’t just run full speed ahead at everything. Slow down just a bit." She sighed deeply.

"Mom, I can’t change anything anymore you know? Everything I do, it feels like I screwed it all up. And do you know how tough it is to hold something like this friendship with Rainey without the chance of telling anyone about it? I can’t even tell Damon about it and he’s my best friend!" Xavier said grumpily, his voice breaking with each extra syllable of anguish. Evelyn sighed and shook her head ruefully. "Baby, you just gotta be you. Be strong and independent like you’ve always been. Now is definitely not the time to change who you are, just tune yourself a bit." She said with a wide grin. Xavier sighed with a smirk forming easily on his lips. "I think some thanks are in order mother." He said as he stood and approached her. She stood as well and she chuckled as she watched her oldest son waddle toward her, clearly towering over her, and hugged her briefly. "I love you mom, always will." He whispered as they pulled apart. She beamed at him and patted him on the back replying, "Eh, well I guess I have to love you too."


Within the next hour, Rainey and Parker made their way back to the Bowman household. They stalked quietly back into the house, trying not to receive any attention from their parents. They were soaked from the morning mist and the sand stuck to their clothing. They reached her room and shut the door behind them. She made her way to her window seat while Parker sat on her bed. She stretched and yawned as Parker sat quietly. She was tempted to look out of her window across the street, yet something allured her to just stare at the other being in her room itself. Parker lied down and stared up at the ceiling. She turned her gaze toward him and smiled as he rolled over onto his side to stare at her. "Yes?" She asked with a tiny scoff. He smirked and shrugged. "What’s it like at Riverton High?" He asked with a sparkle in his eyes. She snorted and crossed her arms tightly. "What do you wanna know? How bad the teachers are? How crappy the cafeteria food is? Or even better, how about the typical high school cliques?" She asked facetiously. He smirked and shook his head. "Well dang, I think I’m gonna like it there." He said as he sat up. She cringed at the flippant tone of his words.

He jumped off the bed and walked slowly toward her. As he reached her, he sat next to her. "Why so tense?" He asked as she sighed deeply. She turned to him, her body crumpling in her distress and said, "I don’t have as great of a track record in school as many other people. For example, I’m neither overly smart nor dumb. I’m neither a renowned athlete nor a sucky athlete. I don’t blend in with the in crowd or even blend in with the outcasts. Yet I wouldn’t say that some queen bees of RHS likes me. I’m just always average. And it would take a miracle for all that to change for the better within the next 5 months." Rainey ranted on. Parker grinned and shook his head.

Rainey watched as a cute dimple formed on his cheek. "Oh Rainey, you gotta make a statement before his year ends. Show that you’re much more interesting than how you put on for the world. Heck, we might as well get started now." Parker said as he threw his hands up in the air and jumped up. He held his hand out to her and smiled. "Well Ms. Bowman, is it alright if I help you with this oh-so-joyful situation? I promise, I will make the best of the next couple of weeks molding you into the most popular girl ever to walk the halls of Riverton High. So, the big question is, are you in it to win it?" Parker asked with shining enthusiasm and pep. Rainey took his hand and sighed. "It looks like it was Mr. Warren. But let’s be straight here. I will have a say in the things you put me up to, alright? Everything I do will not happen unless approved by me." She looked stern for a couple of fleeting moments until she burst into laughter. Parker scoffed and pulled her to her feet. "Let’s get things started then."
Published: 10/8/2012
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