Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Thirty Eight

The city of love.
Moments before the plane was about to land, Rainey felt her stomach lurch and the palms of her hands sweat as they curled to grip the arm rests. Beside her, Parker looked out the window and watched as the lights blinked and sparkled beneath them.

"Babe, if you grip that thing any tighter, it's bound to break off." She heard Anna's voice flutter by teasingly on the other side of the aisle. Her eyes shut tight and she felt her breathing shallow as she counted to ten in her head. She felt the plane dip and her hands tightened on the armrests. It would only be a few minutes until everything would be back to normal. She felt the plane hit the ground, her body jerking forward and mixed gasps spread over the cabin.

A voice rang out, and soon, French words flew out unnervingly. "Mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue à l'aéroport de Paris Charles de Gaulle. L'heure actuelle est 6:34 dans la soirée. Nous serons roulage pour quelques minutes de plus, donc s'il vous plaît rester à votre place avec votre ceinture de sécurité bouclée jusqu'à ce que le capitaine nous a stationné à la porte et éteint le signe de ceinture de sécurité. Faites preuve de prudence lors de la récupération de vos effets personnels des bacs généraux, que le contenu ne se déplacent pendant le vol. Au nom de votre équipe, nous vous remercions de voler avec nous aujourd'hui. Nous espérons que vous avez un beau temps dans la ville de l'amour." Again, the voice rang out, but in words she could understand happily.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The current time is 6:34 in the evening. We will be taxiing for a few more minutes, so please remain in your seat with your seat belt fastened until the captain has parked us at the gate and turned off the seat belt sign. Use caution when retrieving your personal belongings from the overhead bins, as contents do shift during flight. On behalf of our crew, we thank you for flying with us today. We hope you have a beautiful time in the City of Love."

Letting go of the chair handles, she gave Parker a grimace as he opened the window to investigate their surroundings. He turned to her, his eyes shining in excitement while she still felt the hair on the back of her neck standing up and her head emanating a dull pain that coincided with the nasty twist and heaves of her stomach.

"I never thought, I would make it out of California. This is by far the best thing ever." His voice held no secret that he was nearly pissing himself from the anticipation of what was yet to come. She hoped she would feel the sheer excitement that he felt within moments. Soon, their plane came to a complete stop and everyone shot up.

Rainey wiped her brow of sweat and took a deep breath. Joining the droves of people filing out of the plane, she held onto Parker's hand for fear of losing him. As they all grouped together once again near the exit, Rainey's stomach ceased its annoying turns and a smile came to her finally. Looking up, her eyes clashed onto the stubborn blues that pierced to her heart. Here they were, in the City of Love, and she had yet to get their friendship back. Shaking her head, smirking slightly at her naivety, she looked up once again, this time facing their Mrs. Briggs, their lead chaperon.

"Outside these doors, we have a bus ready to take us to our hotel. When we reach the hotel, you have half an hour to settle in. I have assigned rooms and boys will be completely separate from girls. There will be no funny business under my watch kiddos, or face the wrath only a lady of my age could possibly incur in your lives."

Even though she had the warm words with even a genuine icy smile, the students gulped heavily at her threats. "Let's have fun kiddies!" Hand in hand, Rainey and Parker walked out the doors, into the warm, humid Paris air. As Rainey looked around, she realized how surreal this year had been. One moment, she was staring at the emptiness her room offered. The next, she got a boyfriend and trip to Paris.

As everyone piled up into the bus, she and Parker sat in the back. The bus started moving and her anticipation built up. Rolling through the streets of Paris, Rainey eyed the waves of people walking and admiring all the evening skyline had to offer. As they arrived at the Vue de Seine Hôtel, Rainey admired the architecture of the old building. When they walked into the lobby, a large, crystal chandelier hanging in the center. When Mrs. Briggs read off their room assignments, Parker placed a kiss on her cheek before walking away with Chase. As she walked up to her floor, she looked out the large window in front of the main staircase and saw the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, mere miles away. The sun was close to setting, the sky, a myriad of colors that took her breath away.

She couldn't imagine her life getting any better at this moment. Reaching her room, it didn't surprise her that it was elegant and gorgeous. Throwing her stuff onto her bed, she looked out of the window once again, looking at the world below.

"Rain! Can you believe how gorgeous this place is? I always thought that those pictures of this place are too good to be true, but damn, it's even better! Do you think that old hag will take us to the Eiffel Tower? Who knows what crap she has planned."

Anna charged into the room like a tornado, taking no prisoners with her words or actions. Rainey sighed and turned to her best friend. "It would be the greatest crime ever if we didn't go to the Tower." The two jumped into their beds and planned where they wanted to go.

"If she doesn't let us go to the places we want, wanna ditch the groups?" Anna tossed her dangerous opinion into the wind, and Rainey had no idea what to do.

"We can get in serious trouble if we do and I am not taking chances of getting expelled right before we graduate." Rainey's heart pumped vigorously at the thought of doing something so unexpectedly. She needed to feel that freedom, at the expense of possibly losing her future.

"Do this for you Rainey. Feel free for once. I doubt your parents would mind you breaking free." Rainey turned her head to face her friend, biting her lip in uncertainty.

"Then it's a deal. If we don't get to do what we want later, we're going to take the city by storm."
Published: 3/10/2014
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