Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Thirty Seven

Bring on the heat.
"What do you think we won?" Parker's voice showed every little speck of his excitement. Rainey shrugged and acted nonchalant, yet she was far from it.

"Hopefully, somewhere miles and miles away from here. I would even accept tickets to the moon at this point." They were walking into the school the day after the rally. Today was the day they were going to announce the destination of the class trip.

The moment they walked through the front doors, the halls were buzzing quietly. Behind them, the doors banged to shut and soon, heads turned to look their way. They took slow step down the hall, heads following their every move. Soon, a clap rang out behind them, followed by dozens more. The hall was in a frenzy of clapping and Rainey giggled at the action. Every turn they made, someone thanked them for winning it for their class. When they finally settled in their homeroom, they sat in their desks and waited for their teacher to start. The school intercom rang annoyingly as the feedback scorched everyone's ears.

"Special gift for our seniors today in regards to yesterday's rally courtesy of Rainey Bowman and Parker Warren. The senior class will be taking a week-long trip to... Wait for it... Europe!" Gasps resounded all over the room and cheers followed quickly. Rainey was purely in shock and refrained from moving. Beside her, Parker sat in awe as well. Around them, classmates were thanking them profusely and even their teacher said something resembling a phrase of gratitude. For the rest of the day, the power couple, as they had been called numerous times within the eight-hour time span, floated through their day on a bubble. Rainey's joy over their class trip seemed to be too powerful for her to feel anything. Parker was the only one who felt the effects of what was to come.

"How can that freshman pay for our whole class to go to Europe? Seems a bit more than something you can just take out of your pocket." Parker's hand locked with Rainey's as they sat in the middle of the dark gym, her back flush against his chest and legs tangling slightly. Remains from the rally, the day before were scattered along the expanse of the cool wood.

"Maybe there's a catch here. Do you remember if we had to sign any paperwork before joining? If we did, we probably sold our souls for the sake of a week-long trip to a place we hadn't even known at the time." Parker chuckled and brought his knee up to his chest, resting his elbow while lost in thought.

"Gosh, you might be right. We just sold our souls to a freshman girl probably barely reaching fifteen. Sweet. I always wanted to die in the bondage of a woman from 'this day forth until death do us part'. Didn't expect it to be unwillingly or not even close to the lines of marriage." Rainey managed to pull back an eye roll and instead tilted her head back to look into his eyes.

"You do realize that, that is a bit illegal, and so out of the basis of our conversation that personally I don't even know where we started!" He brought out his charming lopsided smile as his eyes bounced with amusement.

"Jealous Rain? The girl needed a way out of humiliating herself into becoming the only Freshman Class President to ever fail at the Valentine's Day rally. I'm sorry that I'm weak-kneed for girls dragging me into propositions to help them save face." Rainey shoved him playfully and finally gave in to rolling her eyes.

"You can go ahead and marry an innocent young girl. That is not my problem." She pouted slightly and felt the searing annoyance of a blush creep onto her cheeks. Damn. He pulled her closer against him once again and brought his lips to her temple.

"Less than three weeks of dating and you're jumping on the marriage wagon? Aren't you just the cutest thing ever?" His voice rasped as arms cocooned her and hands intertwined gracefully. She felt the beat of his heart pressed up behind her own, fluttering together with a slow, steady tempo that calmed her and made her skittish. She thought of the same words that she repeated to herself constantly. 'Why couldn't it have been Parker?' She felt her heart stall on a beat and realized she had been holding her breath. Now, their heartbeats took turns instead of beating in tandem.

"It wouldn't be that bad to be married to me, would it?" Her voice mellowed to pure curiosity. Silence crackled between them, yet no worries crossed her mind.

"I wish I would be able to find that out one day for myself." His voice lost its teasing lit and she tensed up slightly. She suddenly imagined the future Parker and her could have had. The two of them would go through life without worries and also without adventures that would make her feel alive. They would have the basic life you read about in storybooks. The type of life that parents wished for their children to have. Medium-sized house, a white picket fence around its perimeter, with two and a half kids running around, soon becoming orderly and wonderful additions to the town of Riverton. Together, Rainey and Parker would have a life that would resemble a dream. They would have security and comfort. Why wasn't that enough for her?

"You can stop all those gears that are running wild in here. It's just a conversation." Easy for him to say. He kissed her temple and smiled briefly. She turned in his grasp and came face to face with him on her knees, her eyes searching his for a spark of anything. If you hadn't known Parker Warren, all it took was one glance into his sparkling eyes to know every secret he had.

At that moment of staring so deeply past his eyes, into his heart and soul, and she lost herself completely. Soon, her arms wrapped around his neck, hands shooting to feel his velvet smooth hair. Between them, breaths became labored and pulses fluttered. She lost control of her thoughts. He shook his head, willing her to think before she did something she would regret. But that wasn't going to happen, and she would be damned if she didn't kiss the sweet, living life out of the guy. She crashed her lips onto his and from there, she gave in to all her questions and passions. In turn, he wrapped one arm around her waist, his muscles bunching up and holding her in a warm embrace. Her lips overlapped his and sucked ruthlessly on his top lip. She savored his warm, citrusy taste as she clashed with him over and over again. She moaned against his lips as he slowly traced the bow of her lip with his tongue. Her cheeks burned and brightened as their noses barely touched in between their deep kisses. Her hands moved down throughout his chest, the soft cloth of the cotton shirt contrasting his hard, sculpted chest. Her hand traveled lower, playing with the hem of the shirt, teasing the expanse of skin underneath that suddenly became fair game. He mimicked her movements, his fingers sliding under her shirt, caressing the line of her back. A noise let loose from her throat, causing him to stop and rethink his movements. He pulled away from her and kissed her chin slowly making his way down onto her neck.

"Rain..." His voice was thick with desire and shot through her with a shiver. He groaned as her fingers traced circles on his stomach, drifting lower on occasion. He bit into her neck, sucking slightly on the soft skin before dragging his tongue over it to soothe then he quickly turned her over, back flat onto the glossy floor. He knelt above her, pulling away to watch the raw passion fly through her face. Both of their chests rose and fell from their heavy breathing. He crouched down to her level, his body pressed up against hers. He hovered above her, fingers grazing her ruby stained cheeks and bruised lips. He gazed into her eyes, searching for any regret or anxiety. To his surprise and utter joy, all that was glittering was a challenge. She rolled her eyes playfully and bit at her bottom lip.

"Jesus, Parker! Why can't you just kiss a girl back after she offers herself on a silver platter?" Her voice dripped with exasperation as she pulled his lips back down to where they belonged. On hers.

"Maybe-" Slow, lingering kiss. Pull away. "I'm-" Another kiss, for his benefit. "Scared-" Quick, to the point. "Of-" Long, drugging. "Messing up." He pulled back and kissed the corners of her lips, eyes half-lidded.

In the distance, a car honked and voices echoed closer and closer to them. He looked towards the entrance of the gym and true to his senses, he saw a small group of athletes ready for practice. He pulled her to an upright position and blocked her from the view of any of his teammates. He greeted them as if nothing was new, and thankfully, they didn't act indifferent or know what had transpired moments before. He got up and helped an extremely flustered Rainey off the ground. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, hoping the people around them were getting the message. They walked out of the gym and into the clear, sunny day. She let out a deep sigh and stopped in place as Parker took another step forward. He turned back at her and she felt herself burn under his scrutiny.

"You okay?" Only Parker freaking Warren would ask a girl if she was okay when they were close to having sex on the gym floor. The damn gym floor of all places. She nodded and avoided looking at his face. What could he possibly think of her! She basically threw herself at him. The fact that he was her boyfriend wasn't even an excuse!

"Hey," he tilted her chin so she could look him in the eye, "don't shut me out. Especially not now," she looked up at him wistfully and he gave her his charming grin, "I have to head to practice, but don't think I'm just trying to run away from this situation," he reached down and grabbed both of her hands, lifting them to his lips for a kiss. Looking into her eyes sincerely, his voice pulled at her heartstrings and the words themselves jabbed at her heart like an MMA fighter, "You have me wrapped around your finger, Rainey. And it looks like you won't get rid of me for a while."
Published: 1/4/2014
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