Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Thirty Six

Welcome to Valentine's Day.
It was easy to ditch rallies. Riverton High was large enough that the absence of one student wouldn't do any harm. Xavier looked at all the exit routes he could have used, but frowned as he saw a teacher at each exit. He should have ditched the whole thing from the beginning, but most of the teachers had said there was going to be a surprise for each class. This piqued his interest as it had with anyone else, and he smiled at all the possibilities it could have been.

Beside him, Damon was staring blankly ahead, yawning every so often to show his boredom. "What we need here is something new. How many times have we seen those lame cheers the cheerleaders make up? I don't care how hot they are, I need something new." Damon sighed and ruffled his hair as Xavier shook his head with a chuckle. "You never know man. Something new and fresh could be just right around the corner." And true to his own words, something new and fresh had popped around the corner.

The Freshman class president announced the next game centered on couples. She announced the names of the couple representing each class and they walked out to the middle of the gym floor. Xavier caught sight of a reflection of light and looked its way. "Give it up for Parker Warren and Rainey Bowman, the representatives of the senior class!" The young girl's voice mixed with loud screeching and cheers pulsed through his brain as he stared ahead at Rainey.

Her dress hid everything that it needed to, yet the sheer illusion of the fabric and the silver beads on parts of her body tempted you into knowing what has hidden underneath. The dress bared her shoulders, yet the long sleeves hugged her arms, and enhanced her mile high legs. Her brown locks flowed onto her shoulders as her smile widened with each step. She was beautiful and he was a goner. He looked over to Parker, his hand entwined with hers tightly. The two of them together looked so perfectly matched. As if the heavens and the angels had planned it so meticulously. And that was a good enough reason for him to feel as if he had lost.

"This game is centered on couples, if you haven't noticed. We will separate the girls from the guys in a moment, and all the questions will be focused on the girls. The male half of the couples will answer questions about their female counterpart ranging from their favorite things, their habits, and little details that are worth knowing if you're in a relationship. So ladies, if you could please sit on the other side of the divider."

The girls moved from their partner after exchanging small glances and a few kisses. Xavier watched as Parker winked at Rainey as she slowly let go of his hand. She sauntered over to her side and took a seat in one of the stools. She looked up into the crowd and took a deep breath. He saw her hands shaking like crazy, one of her many uncontrolled habits. He kept his gaze locked on her as she crossed her legs and was handed a whiteboard and marker. Now, the game was underway.

"Alright guys, help us out in proving that guys actually do care about the little things! When I ask a question, proceed by writing the answer down. We will then compare your answer to your sweetheart's, and whoever gets it right will get a point!" Xavier shifted his gaze to Parker and rolled his eyes. The guy looked ever the cookie cutter vision of the boy next door. Just looking at him made Xavier frown. "Hopefully this will be worth sticking around for, or I'm gonna bail." Damon piped up from beside him and Xavier agreed.

"What is your girlfriend's least favorite food?" Markers hit their whiteboards quickly and Parker was the first to look up, to Xavier's dismay. "Sorry Lenny, Karen doesn't have the same answer. Her least favorite food are tacos." Xavier looked at the first kid, a scrawny thing with an equally tiny girlfriend on the opposite side. The kid frowned and shook his head.

Kate, the freshman president, moved onto the next kid. "Congrats Bobby, Diane's least favorite food is fast food! A point for you two." The crowd cheered and Xavier frowned at the smug look on the buff kid's face as his partner rolled her eyes. Sophomores. Always thinking they were at the top of the school.

Kate moved onto the junior class representatives, a guy with a leather jacket and a potential bad boy attitude. "Jack, that's not a food and that's a bit sick. Plus it's a bit inappropriate, so try to not write things like that again." He humphed and his partner snapped her gum loudly. Kate, bless the kid's heart, looked to the heavens and walked toward Parker. Xavier looked over at Rainey.

"Looks like we got two boyfriends who made it to the first round! Rainey's least favorite food is 'olives'. Good job Parker!" Xavier rolled his eyes and thought how obvious it was that Rainey disliked olives. That was an easy question to answer and even his dimwit of a younger brother knew it.

"Next question! What is your sweetheart's house address?" Simple. Rainey lived at 110 Maple Street, across from him her whole life. Markers went in a flurry and soon, only Parker and the quiet freshman had got the answer right. The annoying junior had yet to answer a question right.

"Favorite Movie?" Easy. Rainey was a sap and he'd be damned before she changed her mind about 'The Notebook' and how Noah was a real man. 'How was it possible to be a fake man?' He thought with a eye roll. So far, Parker had been 100% and it irked him to no end.

"Any birthmarks?" The crowd laughed at this odd question and Xavier once again sighed. Of course, she had birthmarks. Any normal person would have some type of marking on their skin. Then again, her birthmark was three spots lined up on her left wrist. Not exactly something that would come to mind. So far, only lame questions popped up and he nudged Damon to head out. Yet, just as they were about to step out, one question rang out that pulled at his heart.

"Favorite hideaway when in need of an escape?" He scoffed and started walking again, Damon in tow. There was no way that Parker would get this wrong. Rainey probably brought him there on a daily basis so they could make out while hiding from their parents. Who gave a damn if it was "their" spot. It lost its title the moment they pulled from each other's lives. As they neared the door closest to them, Xavier was glad there were no teachers. Just as his hand touched the handle, Kate's voice rang out, a bit disheartened.

"I'm sorry, Parker. Rainey's favorite hideaway isn't Myrtle Beach, it's the Waverley Meadows. Luckily, you are still in the lead! Behind you, but by a couple of points, is Lenny and Diane." What the hell? How could Parker not know about the Meadow? The crowd went wild and behind him, Damon looked at him expectantly.

"You still wanna ditch or do you want to just stand here and risk getting caught?" Xavier sighed and took one last look at Rainey, ever so distant from him, her silver and gold dress glinting with the rays of sun coming through the windows, hitting her glowing skin in the process. She looked so happy, completely in her element. The shyness from the beginning had faded and she was confident once again. He looked away from her and mumbled, "Let's get out of here."
I'm curious ... Xavier or Parker?
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Published: 11/29/2013
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