Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Twenty Five

Talk about cliche.
As they neared the lighted mini golf course, Rainey felt her palms sweat. She had to get a grip and soon. Parker dropped off Giggys at the front desk, grabbed the putters and the balls, and dragged her to the first hole. He handed her a purple ball and told her to go first. She looked at the first hole. It was simple enough. A flat surface with the fake grass having one hole within 3 feet of her. Simple, she chanted to herself over and over until she believed it. Placing the ball in the rubber tee, she positioned herself in the way that felt most comfortable for her. With mini practice swings, she finally hit the ball and sent it to the other side, ricocheting off the walls and within a few inches of the hole. Rainey was pleased with herself and threw a look at Parker over her shoulder. He took that as a challenge and smiled as he perfectly hit the ball for a hole-in-one.

Rainey frowned and hit her ball for a 2. And so it went. She went up and would always find herself coming up a bit short and having one to five tries. He would be the stud and have a hole-in-one or just a plain 2. When they reached the 18th hole with a curved hill and swinging door, Rainey just about threw her putter at the kid at the next hole. She scratched her head and looked at the course with disgust. She positioned herself to hit the ball and when she did, it never even touched the curve of the hill and came rolling back to her. She took five more tries of this and frowned deeper with each try. Parker made small snorts with each of her tries. He grinned as she turned at him with anger seeping from her every breath. He found his way behind her and wrapped his arms around her before she made another try. She nearly shrugged him off and groaned as he whispered for her to relax.

"You do know you are pulling a date cliché? Not just any either. You are pulling the number one date cliché. What are you thinking about anyway? 'Oh, I have the opportunity to wrap my arms around a stunning girl. A girl so amazingly brilliant that she stars and the sun itself pales in comparison.' Gee Parker, I never took you as the kind who does every little cliché in the rulebook. I mean, come on! This is our first date - yes, I consider this a date - and here you are, in all your bright, shiny glory doing such things! Seriously, I -."

"Shut up Rainey," he growled in her ear.

She pursed her lips and suddenly felt the urge to elbow him and just run out of that place. With their arms interlocked, he helped her swing at the ball and managed to make it over the hill and into the swinging door. She watched the ball intently and smiled as she managed to make it into the hole. She turned and jumped onto Parker who chuckled at her sudden outburst. She wrapped her arms around her neck and cheered loudly. He twirled her around and when he stopped, he stared deeply into her eyes. She knew what was going to happen next and she didn't want to stop it. He leaned close to her and stopped suddenly as they heard a sharp "ahem" behind them. They turned around and saw no one there.

"Down here," a small, yet very irritated voice said. They looked down and both of them almost broke out in laughter as a little girl about six years old stood with her hands on her hips. Parker stifled a smile and saluted to her. "Sorry 'bout that." He said smoothly. The girl kept frowning and Rainey took it as their cue to leave.

They jogged over and grabbed their balls and putters, trying not to burst into laughter while also not forgetting Giggys. As they returned the items, Parker grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the arcade all together. The sun was nearly setting. The wind swooshed and howled around them.

It was a normal Riverton night. The only thing that was different was the two of them. They were wrapped up in their date. It was fun. For the two of them, there was no need to question things. They were fake dating. It wasn't real. And when Rainey looked over at Parker, she didn't worry that it would get awkward. They were the best of friends. He was her rock through her moments of stupidity. She knew that their bond couldn't be broken. Being with him was uncomplicated. Neither of them had to overthink anything. He pulled her toward his bike and she cringed at the thought of getting onto such a scary machine again.

"Something tells me that you dig this thing."

Parker smirked as he handed her a helmet. She frowned at him grabbed the helmet with disgust obvious in her eyes. "This is the worst thing you've ever made me go through," she groaned as she got onto the bike.

Parker winked at her, "Please baby, the fact that you're here with me makes it all better."
Published: 8/6/2013
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