Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Twenty One

Being a Bowman and an Entraire.
Walking through the halls of Riverton High felt different for Rainey on that certain day. She felt that people were staring at her for all the right reasons. Mainly because she had an insanely attractive man to her right. She felt invigorated and smug at the thought of many envying her. It served them right to feel that way. For many years, this town gave her looks of disdain and pity. She knew they wouldn't say anything to her face about it for fear of it spreading to her family, but she knew how they felt. Yet now, she had a chance to shove it in their faces that she was better than them. That she was a true Bowman. Maybe it would take years on end for them to realize her immense hurt over the subject, but all it would take was time.

Parker gripped her hand tightly and she looked up at him with a smile. He grinned down at her and dragged her toward the school office. As they reached the office, they watched as many teachers sauntered back and forth through the doorways holding stacks of papers. The phones were ringing off the hook and each time, the sweet, motherly tone of the school's secretary answered.

They walked toward the desk and smiled as the woman put down the phone and gave them a calculating look. "Hello Rainey. May I help you and this young man with something?" The woman asked as she looked between them.

"Ma'am, this is Parker Warren. He's a new student here and would love it if you would tell him his schedule," Rainey said with a newfound strong tone.

Parker ran his thumb over the back of his hand and it sent her pulse into frenzy. The woman grinned and held a hand over her heart. "My, Parker Warren! You can't mean Ivy and that rascal Avery's boy, do you?" She said with a gasp.

Parker chuckled and gave the matronly woman a grin. "You are right on the mark ma'am," she giggled as if she was a school girl and directed her attention toward her computer.

With a click of her mouse, she looked back up at them and held her sickeningly sweet smile. "Your parents were some of the best students to ever walk this school along with Rainey's. How nostalgic that you're both here now after many years!" She handed him a paper with his classes and all the while never lost her smile.

Rainey watched this exchange and felt herself smile too. The bell rang and the woman looked up at the clock. "Oh my, you're both super late now. It's 3rd period. I'll write you a note and it'll be better. Now go on." As she passed them the note, she sent them on their way.

As they walked out of the office, Parker shook his head with a grin. "We have all our classes together," he said as they made their way to their 3rd period class.

"Yeah, I noticed," she said with an exaggerated eye roll. He stopped her in the middle of the hall and looked her in the eye.

"I'm sorry, I just sprung that idea on you. It was stupid and thoughtless," he said with a sigh. She smiled rolled her eyes. "Let's get to class Casanova."


As soon as the door opened in their classroom, Xavier gave a deep groan and closed his eyes. "Ms. Bowman. Late," he heard the teacher say brusquely.

"Sorry Mr. Stouffer. We were in the office. Mrs. Gariside gave us a note," a small voice sounded through the tension-filled silence of the room.

He heard footsteps and forced himself to open his eyes and face reality. She stood in the front of the class as timid as ever. Beside her stood the man Xavier loved to hate. She held his hand as if she was clinging onto her last lifeline.

"And may I assume this is Mr. Warren?" The teacher asked with obvious interest. Xavier bit his tongue and crossed his arms. Parker grinned warmly and nodded.

"You assumed right, sir. Parker Warren. Nice to meet you," then the commotion started. Left and right, Xavier heard the whispers escalate.

"Quiet down class. Now Mr. Warren, tell us a bit about you," Mr. S said warmly.

Parker eyed Rainey affectionately and turned back to the teacher. "I moved up here from LA. My parents went here once upon a time and now I'm here." More whispers spread and Xavier felt his jaws tighten. To his left, Damon nudged him and gave him a questioning look. Xavier shook his head and continued to ignore everything but the two people in front.

"I remember your parents. Your mom was a great student. Your dad, not so much," the teacher said with a chuckle. The class found itself in silence and the teacher finally moved along in the lesson. "Alright you two, find a seat. I'm guessing you prefer to sit next to Rainey?" Mr. S asked.

Parker nodded and once again beamed at her. In the end, they sat near the front of the class, side-by-side. To Xavier's dismay, they were in his direct vision. With an inward groan, he buried his face into his hands. And to make it worse, it was only the beginning.
Published: 5/20/2013
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