Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Twenty Six

Try not to fall. Everyone knows you're afraid of heights.
The week passed and the routine went. Both of them would show up to school in Parker's death machine and they would show everyone they were the couple worth gossiping about. Rainey had always despised the way the town managed to spread gossip faster than lightning. The things they said, even if they had no idea about her relationship, shocked her. She had lived in that town her whole life. She was the resident shy girl, overshadowed by her twin sister and her erratic behavior. Everybody knew she would barely hurt a fly without feeling a bit of shame. Yet, when one person - any person at all, who decided they knew her - said she did things that she hadn't even thought ever existed. Rainey questioned the small town in its oblivious, gullible behavior. Every so-and-so's mother, grandmother, or cousin felt that they had the right information about her.

Apparently, she had seduced Parker at a bar and through a drunken interlude of life, she bought him his motorcycle, eloped with him across the border in Mexico, had three children waiting for them, and while they're at it, they ran a notorious drug cartel. Parker thought it was the best love story ever written. And to her credit, Rainey didn't go berserk on the nearest person. Every time they went into town, Rainey would glare at any being that stared at them wrong. If they stared in general, Parker would give his signature smile, dripping with charm and all that bullshit Rainey laughed about. By the time Friday rolled around, the two of them were the talk of the town.

In school, Parker had become the new kid that everyone had idolized. Sure, he was attractive. That was probably the only reason the girls went crazy for him. The guys probably only liked him for dating the "Ice Queen". Yet, his presence rocked the small town school like an earthquake. He was the all-around guy who oozed subtle confidence and an overall great personality. He was kind to everyone he came in contact with. He made guys hold on tightly to their girlfriends in the hallways as he sauntered past them with a small hello each time. Yet, everyone knew he was no threat. He had eyes for one girl. And luckily for him, she had the same starry-eyed look he had, according to everyone who had the joy of looking at them. As she got ready to leave on Friday afternoon, Rainey was alone in the hallways. It had only been a few minutes since the bell had rung and there seemed to not be even a trace of anyone else around. She walked to her locker and felt odd as her footsteps were the only thing that resounded in her ears. She opened her locker and smiled as a she saw a bouquet of lilacs lying on top of her books. She reached for the card even though there was only one guy in the whole world she could have thought of, that had given her such a gift.

"You are the reason I keep dreaming, hoping, wishing. Keep living. My melodies aren't the same without you. Through everything, I need you." The writing was the soft, loopy print. She smiled at the fact that Parker was working on his penmanship. Last she checked he was the king of crappy handwriting. Grabbing the bouquet, she placed her books into the locker and shut it. She placed the card in the bouquet's ribbon. With a smile, she started wandering toward the parking lot. Her feet were heavy and her heart soaring. This was what being a teenager was about. You had someone to make you feel that everything there, was to feel in the world for the first time. Hopefully with age, she would never lose her bright-eyed view on the world. If she were lucky, she would always have moments in her life like this, feeling free and just plainly living. She became so engrossed with her thoughts that she lost her focus on reality.

To her dismay, the empty halls hadn't been empty enough. Being her, she had walked into someone. Not just walked into them, it was a head on collision. Dropping her flowers, she felt herself falling back only to have an arm wrap around her waist tightly. Soon, she was pressed up against a body with a heartbeat going 80 in a 50 zone. She mumbled an apology and a thank you, all in one. She looked up only to see clashing blue eyes. The eyes that haunted her day and night. The eyes that held her heart captive without even knowing. The eyes that she missed staring back at her lovingly.

As she stabled herself on her feet, Xavier let her go. He bent down and picked up the bouquet. She felt a burn creep up her neck at the sheer luck that this was happening. He was beautiful. There was no other way to put it. Handsome didn't even cut it when it came to him. In fact, she would have probably had to make up another word to do him justice. He elegantly gripped the bouquet and slowly handed it to her. The tension was thick, uncomfortable. She wanted to say something, anything to make up for the way she was feeling at that moment. She wanted to tell him everything that had plagued her. All the questions and accusations were at the tip of her tongue. Instead, she did the action that was expected of her. She held out her hand and soon felt the heaviness of the bouquet in her hands.

If things had gone right with them, this moment wouldn't have been weird for her. This would be the norm. They would be standing in the middle of the hallway, him in his flawless perfection, her in her usual way of existing. He would have been the one writing her notes in her locker, leaving her flowers, giving her rides to and from school. That was who they were supposed to be. But it wasn't. She gave him a small thank you, grasping all she had in her to meet his gaze once more and giving him a smile. His lip twitched up into a shadow of a smile. God, what she would have done to see his real smile. The full-blown killer of a smile she wished still existed. With that, she walked away from him and moved toward the parking lot again. She tried to avoid looking back, yet when she was nearly out of that hallway, she peeked behind her. She saw the back of him, standing in the middle of an empty hallway looking ever so lithe. That's who he was. And who he always had been, and always will be. He was where he needed to be. Both of them were where they needed to be. For once, her heart hadn't ached at the sight of his figure so far from her. All she felt was something new and peaceful concerning Xavier Entraire. Hope.
Published: 8/7/2013
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