Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Twenty Three

A challenge set.
As they entered, they came face to face with the class full of blank stares. She swore, she would have gone back into her shell if it wasn’t for Parker’s warm, inviting hand holding her clammy hand tightly. They took their seats and his smile widened as she clumsily sat in her desk, her face flushed and her eyes darting around. He looked around the room and his eyes landed on the main reason this whole event was taking place.

Xavier Entraire. He thought of all those moments, he and Xavier had competed for Rainey’s heart. For Parker, it was just joking and teasing while also having the bonus of torturing his competition. He was never serious about taking Rainey’s heart. Sure, she was special to him beyond words and just being with her sent his heart in a flurry of emotions. Yet he knew better than lose his heart to her completely.

She was taken emotionally, not necessarily physically. That was the hardest obstacle to break through. If he could help it, Rainey would have been rightfully and truly his from the beginning, going back to the days they spent frolicking in playgrounds and not having a care in the world. Back to the days when Xavier was the pure, simple object of her affection. Parker wasn’t completely blind to notice that Rainey had always needed him. He would never be able to add up all those moments he and Rainey had poured, everything out from their hearts under the silver moonlight. Or those many times her eyes flashed with a little spark he hadn’t even known how to translate.

The fact of the matter was that Rainey felt something for him; he couldn’t deny it, no matter what he did. He also couldn’t have let them give him more hope than he knew there was if he thought rationally. Even if she felt a twinge of something for him, he would be stupid to think highly of it. He focused again on Xavier and smirked as he turned to face his way. Parker’s mischievous green eyes faced clashing blue eyes.

Parker shot a glance toward Rainey who was studiously paying attention to the clock. He shot his eyes back to Xavier. With a smirk, he leaned over toward Rainey, all the while staring Xavier straight in the eye. Xavier’s eyes twitched, but he never looked away. Parker pushed Rainey’s stray hair away from her cheek and placed a soft, lingering kiss on the equally soft expanse of skin. He heard her small gasp and found himself smirking at his victory. Xavier sat in place. His eyes narrowed, his blue eyes darkened to black, and he clenched his jaw. Parker found himself wanting to use this moment as once again a sign that he had won. He whispered a sweet nothing into her ear which sent her in another round of blushing. Before he knew it, he tilted her chin to face him and kissed her. He felt her gasp under his roving lips and he used the opportunity to suck on her pouting lower lip. She gazed at him with questioning eyes and brows furrowed. As he pulled back, she stared at him wide eyed and mouth gaping open.

The room sat in silence and Parker took a good look at his rival with a condescending smirk. To add good measure, he gave him a wink. He looked back over to Rainey, her cheeks still stained with red and her teeth biting into her bottom lip. Just then, the bell rang and the teacher stood to talk. The class remained silent with the occasional whisper plaguing the room. There was nothing that could have stopped that moment’s power. The effect that it had on everyone was too much. And even better, the threat was dropped. If anything, Parker had just started the game up. The main players were he and Xavier. The prize, none other than Rainey Bowman.
Published: 7/15/2013
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