Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Twenty

How far must friendship go?
Rainey was going to cry. She was a horrible person and the outcome of what she had just done was going to kill her. She avoided Parker’s gaze as she got off his bike and placed the helmet on the back of it. She couldn’t look at him, she wouldn’t. If she could help it, the last few seconds hadn’t happened. Grabbing her bag, she busied herself with her bag.

Around her, she heard the laughter and chatter of the people. With a deep sigh, she grabbed every ounce of her courage and looked back at Parker. She saw a hint of a smile on his face as he gazed into her eyes.

She reached for his arm. "Parker, I-"

"Save it Rain. It was just a kiss. We both know it was only a friendly thing between us." He said as he grabbed her hand. She sighed in relief but felt a quick pound of her heart against her chest.

Looking up at his face, she grinned at the sight of his green eyes. "What am I going to do with you Parker?" She muttered while shaking her head. He chuckled slightly and leaned to kiss her cheek. Her breath hitched slightly as he stayed within an inch of her face and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Maybe you and I should keep this act up, don’t you think? Show the world that such a charming woman managed to snag a hottie like me. Don’t you agree?" Parker whispered, his gaze flickering around her face. Her eyes widened at his proposal.

"Meaning what exactly Parker?" She whispered equally. He pulled away from her but kept his grasp on her hand firm. Giving her a knowing look, he made her fall into slow steps toward their first-class. "I think, it’s time to state my intentions now." He said with a dramatic sigh. Rainey grinned and nodded feverishly. Wrapping his arm around her, he finally told her of his newfound plan.

"You, my dear Rainey Bowman, are my new fake girlfriend."


Xavier sat in his normal 2nd period class and listened as his music teacher explained the history of music. It was safe to say that Xavier wasn’t all that impressed by history. He wanted to be in the present and learn of things he could do to improve his music. He thought of the guitar placed in the corner of his bedroom. It had been a long time since he had managed to strum a chord on it. He hadn’t even looked at the thing without a morbid mood spreading throughout him. It had been his passion many years ago. He had a connection with the melody he played. It felt like it was only yesterday that he sat on his bed experimenting with the chords and made his first song. Now music and all its healing were dead to him.

"Mr. Entraire, please explain the different styles of Blues music." His teacher asked with a haughty look.
Xavier sighed and shook his head. "I don’t know." He answered with a sigh.
The teacher narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. "Pay attention and you will."

The teacher turned to another student and Xavier avoided paying attention again. He was in an emotional rut when it came to music. It made him wonder how he could have easily lost his love for something so quickly. ‘Just like how you said you loved Rainey, huh?’ he thought glumly. Impatiently, he felt his face twitch into a grimace. His thoughts were consuming him more than he wanted them to. Rainey. Her name replayed through his mind like a broken record. He needed to think of ways to talk to her. Ways to build up what was broken.

Find a way to realize why it broke in the first place. Finally, the bell rang and broke his evaluating thoughts. He stood up, grabbed his books, and walked toward the door. Left and right, he heard loud laughing and shouting throughout the halls. He kept walking until he reached his next class. There, he saw Damon sitting in his usual desk next to Xavier’s. He walked to the desk and sat in unceremoniously. Like usual, Damon talked about the events of the school day. Yet today, something new was causing his friend to be a bit indifferent.

"So, did you hear about the new kid? Parker Warren was it?" Damon asked nonchalantly. Xavier’s ears twitched toward the sound of his name. Parker Warren?

A new student? He felt a raging sense of jealously spark through him. "No." Xavier answered curtly. "Well man, let me tell you. The girls at this school have been going crazy since this morning when he drove into this school on a sick Ducati. Guess who he was with?" Damon responded with intense awe. Xavier groaned inwardly. He knew who he was with and he was not entirely amused.

"Who?" He asked disinterestedly.
"Rainey Bowman." Damon said with surprise dripping from his words.

Xavier wasn’t as surprised. He himself had spent multiple years playing with the two people Damon had just mentioned. He had fallen in hate with one after many years of love and always had a deep competition with the other.

He was no stranger at all for the feelings he was stuck feeling at the moment. "Interesting." Xavier said with a shrug. The bell rang again and class started. Each of them directed their attention to the teacher, yet once again, Xavier couldn’t find it in himself to focus as he thought of how outnumbered he was in making his way back to Rainey.
Published: 1/24/2013
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