Sinus Allergy Relief

Sinus allergy occurs due to several airborne substances that we inhale through our mouth and nose. However, sinus allergy relief can be accomplished through conventional, natural medicines or homemade remedies. To know what they are, read on...
Sinus infection or allergy, also known as sinusitis, is basically inflammation of one or more sinuses. The sinuses are four pairs of hollow spaces in the bones of the face lined with mucous membranes that normally produce fluid that drains into the nasal passages and is swallowed throughout the day. The sinuses let the air to flow freely inside the areas in and out of the nose. Small hair called cilia in the sinuses regularly help by moving the mucous out through the nose. When the small openings from the nose to the sinus cavities (sinus ostia) get blocked due to allergens or excessive mucous generated, inflammation occurs within the sinus cavities and cause acute sinusitis.

Sinus Allergy Causes

Inhalation of different airborne substances like pollen grains, dust, pollution, animal hair, food particles cloth fibers, ragweed, etc., can lead to sinus allergies in many people. Most of the sinus allergies occur during the spring, late summer and early fall seasons, when the air is dry and moisture free, hence, the most appropriate time for air borne particles or allergens to flow in the air. These allergens cause inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages that obstruct the small openings from the nose to the sinuses. Here are some more causes that may lead to sinus allergy or infection in people.
  • Blowing the nose too hard
  • History of asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Frequent swimming or diving
  • Excessive use of nasal decongestants, especially over the counter sprays that cause sinus rebound effects
  • Nasal bone spurs
  • Nasal polyps
  • Nasal and facial tumors
Sinus Allergy Symptoms

Signs or symptoms of sinus infection (Acute sinusitis) or allergy are as follows:
  • Pain and facial tenderness around the eyes, forehead or cheeks
  • Headaches - starting at the center forehead, temples or cheekbones
  • Yellow or green nasal discharge
  • Watery eyes
  • Bad breath
  • Sinus congestion and nasal congestion
  • Constant sinus drainage at the back of the throat
  • Sore or strep throat
  • Lethargy fever
  • Sinus cough, especially at night while lying down
  • Pain in the roof of the mouth
  • A tickling sinus cough due to constant drainage
Sinus Allergy Treatment

For sinus allergy relief, one should avoid the causes that lead to sinus infection or allergy. Following are some measures that can be taken in to accounts for allergy and sinus relief.
  • Conventional treatment primarily includes several types of medications for sinus relief. Over-the-counter expectorants like Robitussin and Mucinex can be used to break down mucus and promote drainage.
  • Pain relief medications like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc., may subside the sinus pain and inflammation.
  • Antihistamines or anti-inflammatory drugs such as Corticosteroids, and allergy shots to support the immune response and for relief are prescribed, when expectorants and antibiotics are not very effective. In severe cases, patients may also have to undergo a surgery.
  • Avoiding sinus allergens by restricting yourself from places or situations where you may encounter these allergens, and taking allergy pills daily will definitely provide relief.
  • Using nasal irrigation with plain or saline water to gently wash away the allergens adhering to the walls of the sinuses is the best natural relief.
  • Drinking ginger or eucalyptus tea and inhaling its steam is also beneficial in clearing the nasal passage and providing instant relief.
  • Since you lose a lot of fluids from the runny nose and watery eyes, drinking lots of fluids will help to replenish the lost fluids in the body. Therefore, when you have an allergy attack, drink lots of water to help flush the allergens from the body and provide relief.
Along with the aforementioned treatments, avoid cigarette smoking, extreme temperature, bending the head down, drinking iced drinks like ice tea or sodas, etc., will also help in minimizing the sinus allergy symptoms. Taking hot showers and inhaling steam into the sinus passages will help reducing the inflammation and swelling of the sinuses, and provide instant sinus allergy relief.
By Kanika Khara
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