Siren Song

This was actually a song at first and I sing it as acapella, but it makes nice reading for a poem. But I'll warn you, it is kind of surreal. Please comment!
Can you hear my sweet song?
Can you hear my call of fate?
Can you see me, looking at you?
Singing for you?
Praying for you?

My sweet love I am sorry for all of your pains,
I know I have caused them, and I see you again.
Can you hear my lament?
It was woven just for you,
Can you smell my sweet scent?
And follow it, and follow it to you?

Come and find me sweet love, for all you seek is mine,
Come to me my sweet love and meet with me in time.
Time is one thing, forever is separate cause,
Forever is the time we spend apart.

This time you will hear me,
This time you will see,
This time when I call you, you will come to me,
This time I will change things and never see you gone again,
But sometimes you don't hear me and I think, I think.

I wonder if you notice,
This smile I wear for you,
And sometimes I do wonder,
If you see me true,
My love, come to me and cry your fears for they are mine,
Dear love, you should know me but your eyes, your eyes,
Say otherwise.
Published: 12/13/2011
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