Sister Poems

Every sister in the world invariably grows into a person so much more than just someone you are genetically coded to love. She becomes a mother when you need to be cared for, a confidante when you need to share secrets, a friend when you want to play the truant, a shield when you need to be protected, and takes on the role of a million other people when you, her sibling needs it. But most importantly, she is the only one who will always instinctively know and understand your idiosyncracies even when the world holds these against you. Here are a few poignant compositions on the best friend that destiny presents you with.
My Sister Shiraz!
Shiraz is my sister.
My Mini Me
My little sister Kinzie is probably the most important person in my life. I wasn’t blessed by a perfect mother who cares or has a I grew up without a mother's love. My sister is better than I. I couldn’t let her go...
Love of Sisters
Had a dream last night that my sister died...and there was nothing I could do. I woke up in the morning and ran to check on her. Feeling a little paranoid... my body shaking... she is the most important thing in my life.
"Our Baby No More"
For my dear sisters whom I love so much...
This my dedication to my cute little sister. Love her **
My Dear Little Sis
This poem is for my little sister, she has a very hard life. And when she read this she cried.
Looking and Won't Stop
This poem is for my sister her name is merrikin adele she was born on October 28, 1988 and I have never met her cuz she was taken for my dad before I was around.
Twin Reflection
It is about taking your life in your own hands..and learning basically that only you can save yourself.
Who Knew!
It's kinda bout me and more bout my sister!! If you read it and like it please comment and if you don't like it well then you should see a doctor!!
Smiling for the Sun
Dedicated and written for my sister. Even when you seem alone I'll always be here for you.
I was confused about my sister's death and I didn't know whom to blame.
If U Cared So Much
I wrote this why I felt like my sister didn't try to live..I felt like she just gave up.
I wrote this when my sis died... it is what I thought she would react like in heaven.
Sorry Sis, I Love You
She's my big sister, I want her to tell me how she feels
Growing up Lil Girl
This is for my sisters.
This is for you my lil angel. It takes me time to say it sometimes but I miss you. Big sis luvs you so much :3
Will You Love Me Where You Are?
For my sister to give to her husband who is Iraq
Balcony Sisters
A small story...