Six Billion Secrets: Chapter 4

Jared meets the twins Erick and Derick. Jared sees Erick's point of view and maybe all he needs is a friend, not revenge. At least there's one person he can trust...
Chapter 3: The Twins

Fate must have brought me here because little did I know this would be the start of my new life in Edgewood. I entered, "Able Goods" (Apparently the store name) and found more than I was looking for.

"Get out of my face fag!" Random house goods flew out of a room in the far right corner of the store, knocking things off shelves.

A boy stumbled out into the store and fell bottom first on a tube of toothpaste. He sat up then looked at his hands which were covered with Listerine and blood.

"Nobody likes you Erick! Just go kill yourself already!" The aggravated voice called out.

"Damn. What’s wrong with you Derick?!" Erick, I assumed his name was, stood up. His deep brown eyes were tearing.

I cleared my throat, bringing some type of awareness of my being. "Do you uh… sell Advil here?"

Erick looked up at me with confusion and hurt in his face, then it transformed into happiness and rainbows. "Oh yes! I’m so sorry for the ruckus! Would you like Tylenol or Pepto-Bismol?"

"Just Advil is fine," I couldn’t help, but feel sympathy for this boy as he led me to aisle 3.

"Is your hand going to be okay?" The softer side of me said. Then again, all my sides are soft. Erick looked down and wiped his hands on his apron.

"Yea! It happens all the time. I’m just really… clumsy." His sad, big, brown eyes told me a different story though. I grabbed his arm in mid-step and forced him to look at me. "I saw what happened."
Who's your favorite character so far?
Uncle Simon, he's just so energetic!
Jared, I have a thing for Asians.
Jared, he's a unique character.
Erick, he's so sweet and sensitive. I'll be your friend!
Published: 1/23/2012
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