Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve tattoos are becoming very popular these days. These sleeve tattoos can be either full arm tattoos or can also be done on the legs. Let's read about women's sleeve tattoos now.
These days, a number of women are indulging in sleeve tattoos. People confuse sleeve tattoos with arm tattoos. However, they are called sleeve tattoos, because they cover a large area of one part of the body. When these tattoos are made very intricate, almost no skin is visible. Often the designs of the sleeve tattoos for women is very complicated, intricate and also very colorful, usually depicting several images with some unusual designs. Initially, sleeve tattoos were very popular with the boys playing in a rock band, however now, more and more girls and women are sporting sleeve tattoos.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

Sleeve tattoos on women look beautiful and also enhance the beauty of a woman. Are you planning to get full sleeve tattoos? Read further to find some interesting ideas for feminine sleeve tattoos.

Floral Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Floral or flower tattoo designs is a great idea for women who want to get sleeve tattoos. You can combine different styles and patterns of flowers interwoven with leaves and vines, to make an interesting tattoo design for women. There are Hawaiian flower tattoos design for example, which can become a part of your sleeve tattoo. The beauty of sleeve tattoo is, that you can use bright colors for these flowers. The commonly used flowers for sleeve tattoo designs are hibiscus and rose.

Celtic Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Celtic design tattoo are very intricate and detailed. These designs usually feature knot-work, spirals, etc. The knot-work often covers the entire leg or arm. You may come across some tattoo artists who will combine animal tattoo designs with these Celtic tattoo designs. Celtic tattoos are normally made using a single color, but if you so wish, you can make your Celtic sleeve tattoo colorful.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Japanese tattoo designs are also popular as sleeve tattoo designs. There are Japanese cherry blossom tattoo designs, kanji characters, koi fish tattoo designs, samurai tattoo designs, etc. Lotus flower tattoo designs have also become popular tattoo designs for the delicate women folk. Along with all of these, there are Japanese dragon tattoos as well, if you want to have some masculine tattoos on your arm. Some of these Japanese dragon tattoo designs also feature water, as dragon is a water deity in Japan. Other tattoo design can be that of a tiger. A tiger and a dragon facing the same level are said to be symbols of Yin and Yang.

Religious Sleeve Tattoo Designs
A lot of people choose religious tattoo designs to show off their spiritual blend of mind. There are a number of Japanese and Chinese deities tattoo designs, which can be used to make sleeve tattoos.

Nautical Star Sleeve Tattoo Designs
These tattoo designs are very popular in the United States of America. They have made their way into the tattoo world, from the sailors, who got a nautical star, when they crossed oceans.

I have just given you some sleeve tattoo ideas. You can combine a number of them to make your own unique tattoo design. You can give a thought to the symbolism and meaning of the tattoo design as well. You can combine may be a koi fish tattoo design with dolphin and also a Celtic design for your sleeve tattoo. Sleeve tattoos for women or men are an expensive indulgence, both in times of money as well as time. It usually takes multiple sessions of number of hours to complete the entire sleeve tattoo. The cost of sleeve tattoos will depend on the popularity of the tattoo designer, the type of tattoo design chosen, along with, if you want a custom or flash tattoo design. Often, to complete the entire sleeve tattoos, it takes about 20 hours of work. Are you still there or you have you already started your search for an appropriate sleeve tattoo design?
By Bhakti Satalkar
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