Hope you like this poem.
It's decided,
I am wired to be slighted.
I can't fight it,
Uncomfortable to the usual,
Nervousness to bliss,
Deafness to erring on the side of causing a ruckus.

All I wanted was to steal springs scrupulous kiss,
Taking the winds innocence,
Molding my mistress;
Riding her to my destination flissy breezy risk.
Touching the sky is more high than touching thy wrist.

You draw me miss but I can't picture this,
The paintings ting tantalizingly can't tell the terrible true telepathy;
Troublesome has no one,
But we are one and the same, slighted,
Erased from toes up to eyelids,
Eventual, excommunication eradication elimination.
How do you get over being ignored?
Love thy Self.
Kill thy Ignorer.
Make new freinds.
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Published: 3/27/2017
Bouquets and Brickbats