Smelly Feet Solutions

Smelly feet or foot odor can be extremely embarrassing, especially if we have to remove our shoes in the presence of others. Therefore, the following article throws light on some simple yet effective solutions that will help you to get rid of this smelly cause of embarrassment.
The two most common and prime reasons that contribute the most to smelly feet are sweating from the feet and the type of shoes worn. Sweating, as we know, is an essential body process that not only maintains our body temperature but also assists in removing waste products from the body. But its only drawback is it produces smell that is sometimes unbearable, especially in people having hyperhidrosis, a condition where a person sweats more than the required amount to cool the body. Each foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands, no wonder our feet smell so bad.

The main reason behind this odor is the bacteria or more precisely the waste products of the bacteria ingesting the sweat. The bacteria excrete waste in the form of odor that sometimes smells like rotten onions. Shoes made of synthetic material is another reason for smelly feet, as the shoes don't allow the sweat gathered on the feet to dry or evaporate. Another cause for sweaty feet can be excessive stress on the feet, especially if you have been on your feet for long hours. Sweaty feet can be caused due to some hormonal disorders or it can be hereditary too.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet?
Here are some easy olutions to take care of this common health problem known as smelly feet.
  • Keep good hygiene by washing your feet daily with lukewarm water and anti-bacterial soap like dettol for the removal of bacteria.
  • Wearing clean and dry socks made of cotton, wool, or wool cotton mix type fabric will easily absorb the sweat and help the feet to breathe better. Avoid wearing nylon socks and stockings as they don't allow the feet to breathe. Make sure you change them daily, and once worn, do wash them as this will minimize the chances of bacteria to breed and won't make your feet more smelly.
  • Don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday, and give at least a day for the previous pair of shoes to dry out so that the built up moisture and smell gets removed. Wear leather shoes having leather lining instead of those having plastic lining as the latter doesn't allow the feet to breathe.
  • Don't wear shoes that are tight on your feet, and also purchase detachable insoles for your shoes so that you can wash them daily. This will not only help you getting rid of sweaty feet but will also help with the wear and tear of the shoes as it is the detachable insoles that absorb the moisture, not the shoe.
  • Applying an emollient onto the feet having glycerin in it is quite beneficial, especially when your feet are stressed and tired as the tired feet tend to sweat more. Therefore, applying an emollient containing glycerin will keep the feet clean and dry and will also assist with the problem.
  • Of all the solutions for smelly feet, soaking the feet in strong black tea for 30 minutes once in a week is a highly effective. The tannic acid present in the tea destroys the bacteria and closes the pores which keep the feet dry for a longer duration of time.
  • Keeping your feet in two quarts of warm water containing two tbsp of Epsom salt will help to keep your feet dry and clean. Similarly, soaking your feet in a bowl filled with warm water, oatmeal and squeezed oats for 10 - 15 minutes is another smelly feet solution.
Hence, the aforementioned solutions are easy to implement and will surely help you to get rid of that nasty foot odor. Dusting your feet with baby powder or even baking soda before wearing your shoes, and soaking your feet in 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water are some other solutions to smelly feet.
By Kanika Khara
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