Smoking and Drinking

The poem is about smoking and drinking and how it's not the right choice.
Smoking and drinking,
You think it is a game,
It is a serious thing,
And will not bring you fame.

You think you are oh, so cool,
That you know it all,
Just remember you will hit hard,
When you fall.

You are only messing up your brain,
And bringing your family sorrow and pain.

You STILL do not know,
What you are trying to find,
You think that life is a game,
You can Play! Play! Play!

But you are wasting your time,
On a life that won't pay.

You think you have got everything,
You need right now,
Where did you get it?
Why did you do it?
Can you tell me how?

I am so done with the lies,
I hear everyday,
Drugs are just BULLSHIT,
And crime does not pay.

Whatever you have done,
It is too late to rewind.
Did you like this poem?
It was okay.
Published: 3/14/2014
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