Soft Diet after Surgery

Soft diet after surgery is a must, no matter which surgery you have undergone. Mentioned in the following article are some such foods and a diet plan for this soft diet.
A soft food diet is a diet which consists of foods which are cooked well, baked and sometimes even mashed or pureed to make swallowing of them easy. This diet is suggested in many situations when you have had a surgery involving the jaw, mouth, gastrointestinal tract and even in case of digestive system problems. Soft diet after surgery may include many foods like soups, stews, curries and gravy made of fruits and vegetables which are healthy. There are also a few foods which you have to stay away from as they are either spicy or hard, which might lead to wounds in the affected areas. There is also a particular diet plan and menu for these soft diet recipes which could be followed as it is helpful in many cases. These foods along with a diet plan is mentioned in the coming up paragraphs so take a look.

What is a Soft Diet?

If you have had a surgery in any of the above mentioned areas and are advised to take up a soft diet, it is a very healthy requirement for the body in its healing time. When you go through a surgery, there are injuries and openings in many tissues of your body, which take time to heal. In cases of soft diet after oral surgery, as you need to ingest food for strength and when you eat solids, it is painful. Therefore, following a soft diet is a must as there are foods which are easy to swallow and are in a form which will be absorbed by the body at a faster rate. Hence if you want to know what food can be eaten after a surgery, along with how and when, read into the following paragraphs and find out.

Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, you need to make sure it is healthy as well as heavy so you don't get weak till the lunch time. To start this soft diet food list for breakfast, you can have yogurt (flavored and non-flavored), which sometimes may have fruit chunks in it. If they are hard to chew, simply remove them out of it, or mash them and then eat. Scrambled eggs with jellies and milk is also a great option. White bread which is crust less and soft with cream cheese could also be eaten. Cold breakfast cereals with milk also work.

Lunch and Dinner
Mashed potatoes which are either made at home or purchased from markets could fill you up as a meal for lunch or dinner. Flavored potatoes which are sour cream, chives and cheese with gravy is also a good choice. Soups like tomato, chicken, sweet corn and many other vegetable soups can also be eaten during lunch and dinner along with some pureed vegetable gravy and soft rice. Baked potatoes and soft shell pastas are also great options. These foods which are used as gastric bypass diet after surgery are soft in texture as they are either cooked in excess or are soft by nature and thus, are easily digested in the body after a surgery. Tuna, egg and chicken salad with a turkey wrap can be eaten at the later stages of the diet as they are not completely soft foods but are nutritious and healthy.

Desserts and Snacks
Who says you can't have desserts while you're on a diet? Most of the desserts prepared are soft so, you could eat all of them. For soft foods after tooth extraction you can include puddings, ice cream, tarts and pies, muffins, melted chocolates, milk shakes, custards, cheesecakes and other soft desserts. Muffins could be eaten but not in the initial stages of the diet, as they could be hard to digest and might get choked in the system. Cakes which are just baked are soft and fluffy, so they are safe for digestion.

With this menu and diet plan for the soft diet after surgery, you can surely take it up if you are undergoing any oral or digestive system surgery. Make sure, you consult your physician when you take up this diet or take it up under his/her supervision.
By Aparna Jadhav
Published: 7/23/2010
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