Someday I Hope...

Someday I hope to find my soulmate and have a love that pure and true. Someday I hope to find that type of love. Hope you like it!
Someday I'm going to meet him, my soulmate,
Someday I'll have him with me, by my side,
Someday I'm gonna fall in love, all the way,
And have me strapping in for a crazy ride.

Someday, I'm not gonna be all alone,
Someday, I won't feel so incomplete,
Someday, I will have someone with me,
And he'll knock me off my feet.

I've always dreamed of someone,
Someone to be with me,
Someone to think I'm beautiful,
To love me with the depth of the sea.

I just want to have something like that,
Something that other people will envy,
And I want something special...
And I can only hope I get that for me.

I just have always felt so alone,
Like something was missing from me,
I just want to hold someone near,
And drop my guards for all to see.

I want someone to reach beneath,
My icy exterior to the fire inside,
And see who I truly am...
Before I'm swept over by the tide.

All I want is someone to love,
And I hope that someday...
Someday I hope to fall in love,
Someday it'll all go my way.
Published: 1/23/2012
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