Something About You - Chapter 1

Luna, a sixteen-year-old high school girl is kidnapped by vampires and taken to a 'Blood Slave Action' where she is sold to a vampire named James. Luna refuses to let him drink at first, but he forces and scars her with his bites. Will she be able to escape him or will she fall in love with him? Pic is of Luna.
Luna's POV

I thought my day couldn't get any worse. It began to snow, and I had to walk home. I saw Valerie Morningstar (my best friend since we were kids), she was standing by my locker with her brother Dimitri. Dimitri was so handsome and so charming, but he was my best friend's brother and I didn't want her to weird out by dating him. What if it didn't work out and we broke up. It would just be too awkward for us to be around each other. Sighing I headed towards them and began to mess with the dial on my locker, and opened it and saw all my stuff come tumbling out.

"Wow Lu, do you think your locker is full?" Dimitri asked.

I sent a glare at him and began to pick up graded papers, coats, jackets, shoes, pictures, and binders off the ground and shoved them back in my locker after getting my bag and a random jacket. I banged my hip against the door to get it shut and kicked it for good measures.

"It's gonna be stuck now." Val said and couldn't help, but grin.
I glared at her too. She looked at me and stuck out her tongue. I gave a small smile and picked up my backpack, and followed them out to their car.

"Do you want a ride home?" Val asked.
I saw the blood bags in the back and shook my head. "No thanks, you know me and blood." I said. "I can walk, it's just a bit of rain. If I cut through the alley, I'll get home quicker."
"Luna, you know we don't like it when you cut through the allies, there are dangerous vampires lurking, waiting for girls like you to show up." She said.
"Val, nothing bad is going to happen." I assured her and smiled at her.

She sighed and frowned at me and got in the car, and her brother gave a smile that made my stomach flip. After they left, I started towards my house. Living in a typical average-size town of 13,000 people wasn't that bad. Things around here were quiet, and no one knew about vampires, and if they did, they were either killed or changed. I'm not sure if I could become a vampire taking someone's life; just doesn't seem right, but they must live off of it.

It's kind of nice to be best friends with vampire bullies; leave me alone. Stuck up girls just look at me as I walk by. It has its ups, but it also has its downs. I know that when Dimitri turns seventeen, he will be taken out of school and put in his home. You see, vampires cannot be born, they are changed. If they are changed when young, say ten years old, then they will grow up till they are around their adult age. And no, twenty-one is not the adult age, it varies. Some vampires age until they are 40. They may look hot and young, but the ageing is only taken off by about 10 years. So if you turned 30, you would look, like in your twenties.
Published: 11/11/2013
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