Something is Wrong

Never lose in life... it's never the end.
I know something is wrong,
When I start to wish my life is a dream,
That I want to wake up from.

When pain becomes my constant companion,
When darkness swallows me whole,
When silence surrounds me even on the inside,
When sadness begins to grow...
I know something is wrong.

Life is not the one we look at,
It's not all good... it can be really bad,
When life doesn't seem worth living,
I know something is wrong.

When the night is something to be feared,
And the day seems like an impossible challenge,
When I want to never wake up, never sleep,
I know something is wrong.

When friends and family seem distant,
Even if they are still by my side,
When I lose that person inside of me,
I know something is wrong.

Feeling like this through many days,
I knew something had to be done,
That all my wrongs had to be made right,
That I should not give up... I will have to fight.

I put a smile on my face,
And even though it was fake,
It slowly turned into a real one.

People love to leave me,
But I do not, cannot hate them,
Because I was just another person in their life,
But they were a part of mine.

If the world does wrong to me,
I do not wait for people to fight it for me,
I rebel on my own.

Because this is life, my life,
And though it may not concern others,
But it finally matters to me,
I know something is wrong.

But only I can make it right,
I will not give up, never,
I will make me shine.

Because one day will be my day,
And many days like that will follow,
Because once I discover the real me,
Nothing will ever be wrong again.

I know something is wrong... right now,
But one day... nothing will be.
Published: 2/15/2012
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