Something Went Wrong

True love or True pain...
I still love him, is that wrong
Everyday I try to be strong and let him go
But how do you let go of somebody who was your true love
I believe in one true love, one soulmate for eternity and forever in the next life
How do you survive this life, if he no longer loves you?
And the love you had has grown cold and dead on his side
And his heart no longer remembers you
And his soul and heart no longer beats for you but against.
If you have the cure I would like to know
How to stop time and see what went wrong
What happened to true love?
Why do I remember and he no longer cares
Everyday I can feel my heart slowly dying inside
Each memory slowly fading but lingers long enough to hurt
I wish it would go all away, but I would have this empty feeling like I am missing a part of me
And with him, gone it feels like I have died
And half of me wish to join him
But the other half wants to move on and see if I am destined for another
Part of me is scared and another curious.
How can true love be this cold.
Published: 4/30/2008
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