Sometime Tomorrow

A pining heart will always return.
I know it's not fair,
But I really have to go,
But I'll be back again,
Sometime tomorrow,
I'll have your heart with me,
All the time I'm gone,
And I'll leave you my spirit,
So you won't be left alone.

I see your lip tremble,
And it makes me feel sad,
Because I know that you love me,
And want me so bad,
Well the feeling is mutual,
And I really hate to go,
But I'll be back again,
Sometime tomorrow.

Hold me in your dreams,
Hold me in your thoughts,
There will be no nightmares tonight,
So sleep soundly my love,
For sometime tomorrow,
You know I'll be back,
I will never renege,
On our lover's pact.

I love you when I'm with you,
I love you when I'm here,
And when I have to go away,
I still love you, my dear,
I will never bring you pain,
And I'll never bring you sorrow,
With that said, I must leave,
But I'll be back sometime tomorrow.
Published: 7/12/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats