Sometimes I Forget

A poem for my husband.
Sometimes I forget,
I forget about the feelings you hide,
I have forgotten about them many times,
I should have remembered them,
And kept them in my mind.

Many times I have hurt you,
You always take me and hold me,
Never letting me go,
Your love for me, runs so deep,
I can see it,
I can see it way down in your soul.

You are the one who keeps me down to earth,
I can’t explain how complete and whole you make me,
The comfort in your embrace is so wonderful,
You hold me tight, my worries are set free.

Time has created in us a magical connection,
These ties, they bind our hearts,
They are forever closing and tightening,
These emotions ties, connections grow and make sparks.

These feelings I have for you,
Fill me with this bright light,
My soul has this glow and it shines,
No one has ever had this effect on me,
Our hearts have grown and are now combined!
Published: 11/10/2011
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