Sometimes I...

Sometimes pride comes after the fall.
Sometimes I write what's in my mind,
A daydream used for killing time,
The happiness of romantic fairy tales,
Sometimes I write what's on my mind,
The fear, the pain, the tears I cry,
The misery of a broken heart for sale.

Sometimes I am caressed by shame,
My thoughts akin to passing blame,
This sorrow should belong to someone else,
Sometimes I smile within a dream,
Exaggerate reality,
Enticing and exciting to myself.

Sometimes I'm lured toward the sun,
Fair weathered days that take me home,
To the happy ever after I desire,
Sometimes I shiver with the cold,
As memories from the past unfold,
Lamenting and tormenting in their choir.

Sometimes I dread the rising dawn,
Another day to face alone,
And I wish that I could sleep my life away,
Sometimes I court the dance of night,
In spinning beams of pale moonlight,
Kissed by thoughts lovers in a play.

Sometimes I hear the audience,
Ovate me in my self-defense,
My own proffered excuse for what I've done,
Sometimes my heart bleeds with disgrace,
For what I lost and can't replace,
I'll never find another you to love.
Published: 8/13/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats