Sometimes It Snows in April

Hope you like this poem.
As the seasons change,
So much remains the same,
Sometimes it snows in April,
Sometimes we forget,
We are able to move mountains high,
To reach a new higher,
Than we can see with our eyes, I'm sure.

Man's reach exceeds his grasp,
You have to be willing to go off the map,
To go where no one has been,
When you go the extra mile,
It's always lonely, my friend.

But I'll be there to keep your company,
To share the pain of perseverance and adversity,
Success is a feeling, foreign for most,
But to us we know we can solve the mystery.

As the horizon sets,
You can bet that,
The end is not near,
The final destination is continual journey,
One full of hardship, survivorship, and fellowship for you and me.

Positive thoughts flow like blood flows through our veins,
They want us to be the same but we can't be tamed,
Comfortable with the uncomfortable,
We are able to be what others can't even see.

Published: 4/11/2018
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