Song Of Night

A ghostly tale of nightmarish revenge.
All that you see is but a dream,
All that you hear is undeciphered,
The shivers you feel, that make you scream,
Are merely the sound of ghostly whispers.

Walk through the shadowed mists of time,
Not into the future, but back to the past,
Feel the madness crawl into your mind,
Feel the fear the shadows cast.

Feel the darkness envelope your thoughts,
To send adrenaline through your veins,
The urge to run relieves you, not,
Fear impels you to remain.

Your eyes see visions of unreality,
Lifeless shapes go floating by,
You hear the voice of immortality,
The ghostly whispered song of night.

A breeze, from where, you cannot tell,
But so cold, it creeps through your bones,
It holds you in its silent spell,
Enchanting you in its soft moan.

A kiss of fear, clammy and cold,
Repugnant, nasty, rancid breath,
It leaves a taste to decompose,
Like crumbling, decaying flesh.

You feel a presence in the room,
You look around but nothing's there,
Just shadows dancing in the gloom
To fuel the terrifying fear.

A child, you feel, is watching you,
Malignant and malevolent,
Her stare upon your solitude,
Brings fear both physical and violent.

Shivers render you a wreck,
Uncontrolled contorted fear,
Raises the hair upon your neck,
To bring the burden you must bear.

A child, lost to evil deeds,
By the hands of depraved men,
The ring that snatched her from the street,
Defiled her, she wants revenge.

With a snarling sneer she shows her face,
Her evil, twisted, hate filled glare,
In her hand, the glint of blade,
Hypnotized, you can only stare.

The blade is raised above your breast,
As crimson blood spurts from your heart,
You feel the pain of tearing flesh,
As the blade rips your soul apart.

Wake up then from your nightmare,
Wipe away the cold sweat with the quilt
As the song of night plays its fanfare
In its overture to your guilt!
Published: 5/24/2011
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