Sparkling Love and Grace

For Ife-grace Dada, a complete definition of creativity, on her birthday.
When love and grace are at work,
Be ready for a congenial shock.
Where love and grace abound,
Frivolities can never be around.

Favor is actually deceitful;
Beauty may also not be faithful.
But the virtues in love and grace,
Clears that race.

Your new age defines more grace;
Glazed and laced in an attractive phase.
Yes... ‘Happy birthday’ may be a phrase;
But for you, it is called ‘grace’.

This birthday will swing you to higher grounds.
This birthday will sail you through buoyant mounds.
This birthday will sit you upon a mighty tower,
To have a view of God’s awesome power.

I’d rather stop shopping for words,
Cos you’re way above the provisions in their hoards.
Just sit back and relax.
It’s your day to gleam and wax.
Published: 5/19/2016
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