Spirit in Me

I wrote it just to motivate myself when I was lost from the way of reaching up to my dreams. I was working so desperately for it and suddenly I felt frustrated. Well, it's not actually a poem. I wrote it as a song. Hope you enjoy reading it.
A strong wave of life, I need on me
I am lost in crowd, I need to be free
That freshness is lost, I want it back
I am strolling around and I need to be still.

That happy smile, I want it on my face
This world is lovely,
I need to feel that way.
I know you are with me Mother
And I need to remember always
My goal is set, I am reaching there.
There may be ups and down,
I need to walk straight away.

I am shining now like a star far away,
I need to be brighter in the coming days
When I reach up there,
There is going to be a happy life
That's why I need to get there.
Published: 11/1/2011
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