Sportsman Spirit

Ups and downs are part of life. Being loser at one time does not mean you have lost the game. As said by someone, "Heroes rise, heroes fall, rise again win it all."
For all the losers out there!

It often happens that when we return home after winning a football match, parents congratulate us. On the other hand if we have turned up losing, no one notices us. It may also happen that they make us feel disheartened by their words. But they forget that losing is as important as winning. While winning to your opponent may instill confidence and happiness in you. Losing will be highly helpful in inculcating sportsman spirit. What this sportsman spirit is all about?

Sportsman spirit teaches you to accept defeat positively. It makes you aware about your weak points and mistakes that you committed. You will be cautious in the future not to repeat same mistakes. It acquaints you about the changes that are needed in your strategy. Instead of cursing yourself, it gives you the chance to learn from your opponent.

It is true that in the game of life, you won’t be always the winner. If you fail in your business at some point of time in your life, you need to resurge, otherwise you will fail in the battle of life. If you had implanted sportsman spirit early in your childhood, it will assist you to face all odds in business, politics, academics, job, family life and everywhere.

One of the qualities that is highly required in all the domain of life is patience. A patient individual cannot be crafted as a result of winning alone. Enduring defeat with patience and waiting for the right time to arise is what sportsman spirit is all about. It is a conceivable notion that if one runs out of patience and take all types of weird decisions, he/she will land himself/herself from bad to worse situation. As the great golfer of all time, Gary Player has said: "A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks." Determination to win cannot be without patience to wait.

We all want to be happy. But we will enjoy happy moments of our life if we had faced bitter circumstances with endurance. The worth of happiness can be realized by us to its fullest if we had undergone abominable situation.

It is an age-old saying that everything is fair in love and war. But sportsman spirit is against this. It advises us ethics everywhere. It may be possible that by using unfair means one will gain momentarily, but this attitude will ultimately lead to failure in long run. Even if one fails in a game, he/she must adhere to basic principles and rules of the game. By welcoming even wrong decisions against oneself positively, person can prepare himself/herself for most adverse situations in life where he/she won’t be disheartened if he/she finds all odds against him. As the American footballer, Jarvis Williams has put it in beautiful words: "The people you consider great are great because they didn't quit."

Sportsman spirit tells to take things easily and amiably. A good sportsman is the one who puts all his efforts, uses all his skills; pursue the goal with perseverance, work with the team. It doesn't matter after that whether he loses or wins. A true sports person will take it easy. It is a common saying that if you win, be calm and if you lose, be bold.
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Published: 2/13/2012
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