Spotlight - Chapter 10

This was it.

After school Colin didn't have to work and I didn't have an appointment, so he invited me over to his house to do homework. I was a bit nervous when walking up to the small one-story home of his. He lived in a very normal home, full of pictures of him and a little girl who looked to be about 6.

When I asked about her, he told me, "That's my little sister, Mary."
"She's adorable." I told him, admiring the little blonde child.
"She's everything," he smiled as there was a sense of pride.

We decided to crack open the books and soon we were off to work on 'World Government' homework. I remember taking a class like it at the academy with Lucy. I remembered sitting in the back, laughing over how many wars England had started with Spain over religion and making fun of King Henry VIII.

"Ali?" Colin snapped me back to reality.

"I'm sorry," I laughed.

"What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing," I shrugged off, hoping he would leave it at that. But, when we heard the front door open, he couldn't help but end the conversation.

"COLIN!" I heard a little girl yelled. The sound of small footsteps made their way down the hall. The small girl from the photos appeared and jumped on Colin.

"Mary! How was your day?" He hugged her.

"Really good. I colored a bunch of pictures for you." She beamed.

"I'm excited to see them." He told her. Just then, a woman who didn't pass as a mother walked in wearing scrubs that would belong to a nurse. She had to be in her mid-thirties and I made a slow connection. "Hey mom," Colin stood from the couch, holding his sister's hand. "This is my friend Ali. Ali, this is my mom, Angie, and my sister Mary."

"You're very pretty Ali," Mary observed me closely.

"Nice to meet you, Ali," She shook my hand. "Would you like to stay for dinner?"

I thought how I hadn't been home all day and decided I should probably get back to Jason and Anna.

"Thank you, but no thank you. I should get back to my family." I smiled graciously.

"I'll take you home." Colin offered helping me pick up my stuff. When we said our goodbyes and were walking out to the car, he asked if he could take me somewhere special. I agreed, not knowing what to expect.

When we ventured out of city limits, I began questioning where he was taking me. We were soon surrounded by towering pine trees. He parked his car when the road ended and took my hand as we began walking. Soon we approached a cliff. It wasn't a steep cliff at all but it gave us a pretty view.

We sat on the huge rock that made up the cliff, and looked out over the sight that could take my breath away. The smell of pine couldn't be more perfect at this moment. My leather jacket guarded my arms from the chilly breeze that seemed more apparent at this high altitude.

"What were you really thinking about this afternoon?" Colin's pure voice asked from beside me.

"Home." I smile.

"What about your home?" I felt his gaze on me, however I never let my eyes stray from nature's beauty.

"Our tall iron gate leading up the four steps, it takes to get to the front door. My mother's daisies she plants outside in the spring time. They are my favorite. The second step on the staircase that squeaks every time you step in the center of it. How my bedroom lights up in the morning because of the giant windows. How my father's office is right below my room and sometimes I hear him playing guitar late at night when he can't sleep and he knows I'm still up, so he brings me cookies and milk." I sighed thinking of the other things. "All the mornings my cousin and I would meet up at the coffee shop that's just down the street and happens to be the same one, my parents met at. The smell of the coffee as we sit out during the summer time and have long talks about nothing and spending too much time laughing about everything." When I finally went silent, I realized how dumb I must have sounded.

"You really Ms. London, don't you?" He observed.

"More than anything." I shrugged.

"Why don't you go back." Colin's words made me question myself.

"Reasons." I answer. "So, I have a question."

"Shoot." He smiled, making the conversation much light-hearted now.

"What does your father do for a living?" My question caught him off guard.

"My father was in the army and was killed a few years ago. He got my mother pregnant when she was 16. Two years later, he packed up and left to be in the army. When he came home for a while my mom became pregnant again. She hadn't even given birth to Mary yet when she found out the news about my father's death." Colin's words slowly sank in. I thought about his mother having to go through the pregnancy alone and then her daughter never knowing her father.

"I am so sorry, Colin." I said slowly. "I didn't know."

"Don't worry about it." He brushed it off, as he did everything. "He was honorable and he taught me what being a man was."

"Well he and your mother did a great job of raising an amazing son." I smiled at him.

"You always know the right thing to say." He breathed a laugh in disbelief.

"Not really." I shrugged.

"Your so perfect."

"No one's perfect."

"True. But, you're pretty close." He leaned forward suddenly and finally kissed me. What I had been awaiting for so long was finally here. Memories of that one night flashed back in my head, however this kiss was not like that night. This kiss was passionate, firm yet careful.

This was the kiss that broke my heart because this kiss reminded me that I was lying to him.


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