Spotlight - Chapter 11

He was a smart boy...

"Alice, I'm so proud of your progress." Dr. Carlson smiled at me closing her notebook. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself as well.

"Thank you."

"I do have one question, however." She paused, thinking over how to say it but then just came out and asked what I hoped she wouldn't. "Do you think you're ready to move back to London?"

"Um." I swallowed after my throat became suddenly dry, causing me lose my words. "I'm not sure."

"I'll let you think about that and we will discuss it at our next session," Dr. Carlson walks me out of her office. With a wave I turn to face the rain. Flipping up my hoodie, I sprint across the town square to Jason's hardware store.

"Hey Alice, how was your appointment?" Jason asked quietly as I walked in, knowing Colin was in the back.

"Good. I'm just facing the question on whether or not I'm ready to go back." I shrug, leaning against the counter.

"Who's going back?" Colin walks up to the front.

"No one." I smiled at my super hot... guy friend who hadn't been defined as my boyfriend yet...

"Well, I'm heading out to talk to Rodger about the incoming shipment. Once you're done with stocking, Colin, you can lock up. We will close early due to the storm. I don't want you kids driving home in bad weather." Jason smiled, tossing the keys for Colin to catch. Messing up my hair on his way out, he leaves the store with the chime of a bell.

When I was finished helping him, he locks the front door and turns the sign over to CLOSED. He takes off his name tag and grabs his jacket. We head out the back of the store to the ally where his car was parked. As I run to his car, he takes his time.

"Hurry up! I'm soaked!" I tell him, trying to open the locked door on his car. He stands in the middle of the rain, staring up the sky.

"I love storms, don't you Ali?" He stalls.

"No! Come on already!" I laugh, trying to get my hoodie to cover me. He walked over to my side of the car, grabbing me gently to kiss passionately.

"Now I've kissed you in the rain." He backs away with a proud smile.

"Why did you stop?" I pull on his button up so he would kiss me again. I hear a slight shuffle through the rain. It was a noise I hadn't heard in long time. It was a noise from a lifetime ago. It was a life that was slightly forgotten. However the memories flooded back and I suddenly push him away.

"Alice! Alice! Alice! Right here!" There had to be about twelve of them with their expensive cameras, full of photos that picture me and my undefined guy-friend. There was no use getting into the car when they would just surround it and get the pictures they came for. I grabbed Colin's hand, pulling him back into the hardware store, locking the door behind us.

"What the hell was that?!" He glares at the door in disbelief.

"Calm down, please."

"What is going on?" He fixes his glaces and runs his finger through his hair.

"Colin, please I'll explain."

"Why were they calling you Alice?" His breath was heavy due to the inability to understand. I try to approach him with a lame excuse but he grabs my hands when they reach for him. "Don't lie to me. Don't say it's nothing. Tell me what's really happening."

There was a moment when I had the feeling of crushing defeat. While I wanted so bad to keep the secret and the things the way they were, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Colin had been exposed to a glimpse of my world and I didn't want him seeing anymore after seeing the way he reacted.

"Ali... just open up to me." He whispered, dying for my explanation.

"My name is Alice McCreed." I start with the most simple lie that I told.

"McCreed... as in writer Taylor McCreed and musician Elliot McCreed?" He slowly places the two together. He's a smart boy...

"They are my parents." I slowly let out the truth.

"They are getting a divorce?" He asks what I knew what was coming next?

"No." I try this honesty idea again.

"Well that's great!" He sighs turning around.

"What are you talking about?" I try to reach for him but he shrugs my hand off.

"I get it. The rich girl wants a new experience, so she begs her Daddy to let her have a little fun and move to America. Once you're here, you see if you can play your little game on an American boy who opens up to you and tells you everything?"

"Colin, you don't understand-"

"Sorry if I don't find your little game amusing." He pushes my hands away. He drops the key to the shop on the floor. "You can lock up." He walks out the front doors and doesn't look back.

Something I never realized was how easy it was for people to enter your life... and how easy it is for them to leave it as well.


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Milkshake: Hope you enjoyed!

Anne: It'll be over soon but I'm glad you liked the story.

CSGGG: It's okay! I am a firm believer that everyone will have their knight in shining armor come to find them. Patience is key though. While everyone has haters, it will just show you who your real friends are.
Published: 3/12/2013
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