Spotlight - Chapter 13

"I came here to talk to you."

The two days flew by, however they didn't fulfill their purpose. I couldn't get a moment alone with Colin to explain the truth. At school, everyone was dying to talk to me and got to know me... or Alice. I just didn't feel like Alice anymore. I felt like Ali, the new improved girl who only Colin, Becky, and all my other friends have known.

Becky took the news really well and even helped me pack for my move back to London. While we folded my clothes I explained my entire story starting with the day of Nigel and I's anniversary. She patiently sat and listened, trying to control her facial emotions. When I was finished she stated, "Well that's quite a story."

"Tell me about it," I let out a sigh that I had been holding in since I ended my story.

"So you didn't tell Colin why you really moved here?" She unwrapped a sucker and popped it in her mouth. Shaking my head I remind her, "I never had a chance. He didn't let me explain."

"Well, if you ask me, you should tell him before you leave."

"But, I don't even have a chance to. I leave in the morning." I lay on the bed beside her.

"Well, I overheard him telling Max he was staying late at the hardware store to wait for a shipment to come in and to stock it. You could try there." She suggests.

"You're sure?" I ask. When she nods I hug her. We say our last goodbyes and promise to keep in touch before I watch her run to her car while the rain poured down. When her car was long out of sight, I turn back to the house and find Anna. When I find her, I beg to use her car.

"But, you haven't driven in America yet." She gives me a look with her big innocent eyes.

"I have watched you and Jason drive through and it's only to the Hardware Store." I give her an angelic smile but she wasn't up for it and asks me point-blank why I would want to go there. There was a sense of trust that filled the room, so I told her that Colin was there and I needed to speak with him. After a long skeptical look, she hands over her car keys and explains which key went to the store, assuming he would lock the doors.

I thanked her over and over again with hugs and kisses before taking off. I was cautious while driving through the raining roads. I've started to know Milford like the back of my hand. The uptown square was deserted, so I parked the care and quickly sprinted to the overhang of the shop. Taking the key I unlock the front door, I step into the dark store.

I almost questioned whether or not someone was really here when I remembered the back office, thinking he might be there. I let my fingers guide themselves against the isles, giving me an idea of where I was at. When I found the glow of the back office, I opened up the door that was revealing only a crack at this point.

Colin sat there with his button-up shirt undone, revealing a plain white t-shirt. His cuffs were rolled up to his elbows, his boots up on the desk casually, and his glaces on the point of his nose while he red over files that he marked with a pencil, he bit the tip off. His honey-colored locks were wavy curls that pushed up and away from his face. It showed that it had been a long day because they were messier than normal.

The door creaked when I opened it up farther. His eyes shot up to my face in slight surprise. No words were said, and no sound was made, only the rain hitting against the metal roof. I slowly made my way over to the other side of the desk, his eyes never strayed from mine. When I leaned against the desk, he stood abruptly.

"Colin," I put up my hands to show him I wasn't here to fight. He looked at my hands for a long moment before letting his cover them. This one action caused so much tension in the room. Tension that made me want him more than ever. I couldn't get my mouth to open and tell him the truth. I needed to get some air but by this point he was almost leaning against me, pinning me to the desk. I quickly sat up on it, but his hands caught my legs, catching me in a sense.

"Colin," I start again, to explain but as he leaned forward, my thoughts flew out the window. I closed my eyes and embraced the kiss as it came about. Well, this is definitely not what I expected when coming here. I ran my fingers through his soft honey hair. I could tell he missed me for these last couple of days because he became all too familiar with my body. Abruptly he broke off the kiss.


"Don't Colin... me again. I shouldn't have done this Ali... or Alice or whoever you are," he quickly backed away.

"Why are you mad?" I asked dumbly.

"Well other than the obvious," he refers to my lies. "I shouldn't have kissed you. I don't want to lead you on to believe that I'm okay with this." He points to the physical changes I have done since I was Alice.

"I came here to talk to you."

"That's the thing, Ali. There is nothing to talk about. You lied and now anything you say will be a lie in my eyes. Save your breath and just leave," He points to the door, trying to not look at me.

I didn't know a heart could break so bad, twice in the same week.

That night I experienced it as I walked out of the Hardware Store for the second time with a broken heart.


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Published: 4/4/2013
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