Spotlight - Chapter 5

"Nothing," the corners of his mouth pull up. "You just continue to amaze me."

I assumed that Milford wasn't used to having new students, let alone students from halfway around the world. Many gawked and even more, made me speak to them because they wanted to hear my accent. I just wanted to disappear, something I've never wished for.

"Ali?" I heard someone ask me from behind while fumbling through my locker.

"Yes?" I turn to find a girl with crazy curly hair, reading from a sheet that was in one hand while the other held a sucker she had stuck in her mouth. Looking up she smiles, "I'm Becky. I'm supposed to show you around for the day." I took this chance to examine Becky's clothes. A flannel button up shirt with jeans and bright red lipstick. She was nerdy but very pretty still.

"So where do I go next exactly?" I asked, shifting the strap of my bag.

"Choir." She examined the sheet which I assumed was my schedule.

"Oh, choir." Somewhere I somewhat belonged.

"You have it with me, so stick close and I'll get you there safe." Becky skipped ahead, so I quickly shut my locker and followed her down the hall. She was small and hard to find in the crowd but her bouncing curls popped out, helping me get a path. She finally disappeared into a classroom, following her I was almost blinded by the bright yellow walls. Letting my eyes adjust, I saw the rows of folding chairs waiting for the students. A piano, drum set, and a few guitars were in the corner up front.

"Ali! Over here." Becky waved, surrounded by who I assumed was her friends. Looking at Becky and those who were in her company, it reminded me of the land of misfit toys. Her fingers were laced in a boy's who was tall, fit, and looked like a Calvin Klein model. His expression was blank and careless as he looked as if he would punch anyone who looked at him too long. Then there was a girl with blonde hair that reminded me much of how mine used to be, she was covered in pink and was re-applying lipstick. There was another guy who wore a Star War's t-shirt with green baggy pants and red hair.

"Hey!" The girl in pink beamed when she saw me. "You're the girl from London!"

"Yeah," I smile, breathing and uncomfortable laugh.

"Is the Eiffel Tower just so beautiful?" She says with wide eyes. I give her a funny look before Becky corrects her,

"That's Paris, Macy. London has Big Ben." Macy's mouth makes a perfect O in realization, obviously slightly embarrassed.

"That's okay, Macy. You'll get a hang of it." The guy in the Star War's t-shirt compliments her, in admiration.

"Thanks Kenny." She smiles in relief.

"Alright, Ali. You've met Macy and Kenny. Then this is my boyfriend, Max." She moves a bit closer to the Calvin Klein model who just nods at me. "Now where's the last one?" She looks over my shoulder, glancing around the room till she spots them.

"COLIN!" She shouts, calling him over. Turning around, I see the hipster genius from my government class. He was strapping on one of the guitars. Seeing us made him smile and walk over to the group of friends that he seem to fit so perfectly into.

"Colin, have you met Ali?" Becky asks. He nods, holding out his hand and I take it. It's so old-fashioned for someone to shake your hand, normally I would find it quite strange however it seemed normal when Colin did it.

"Yeah, she's brilliant," he lets his hands hang off the guitar that fit his image so perfectly.

Before anything else was said, the teacher, Mrs. Midston, called us all together. I handed my schedule to her, letting her know I was new.

"Oh look what we have, kids?" She smiled when she realized. A shock of paranoia runs through me, she can't know who I am. No one knows I'm Elliot McCreed's daughter here. But, what if she tells someone? What if - "A NEW KID!"

The students clapped and she snatched up some music:

"We are getting ready for our Christmas concert already. Can you sight read?" She challenges, I know exactly what she's about to do. A bit nervous, I take the challenge. Nodding, she turns around and whispers to the band which did consist of Colin and a few other students. Glancing at the title, I knew, it wouldn't be sight reading because I had sung the song a million times with my dad during the holidays.

"Last Christmas."

The whole class of about 30 students watched me carefully as I began to sing. At the Academy I had gotten the lead in the musical and was the president of our choir, however I always thought it was because of who my father was. I guess this was also a chance to see if I'm as good to make if without my parents' help.

When I was finished the whole class looked around at each other. Glancing in Colin's direction, he just nodded approvingly.

"WONDERFUL!" Mrs. Midston applauded cuing the students to follow her actions. "Lovely job Ali." She says just loud enough for me to hear, "You should try out for the solos."

I turn to sit down and the band follows to listen to her further instructions.

Colin takes the seat next to me. He just looks at me, making me lock eyes with him.

"What?" I ask self-consciously.

"Nothing," the corners of his mouth pull up. "You just continue to amaze me."

Blushing, I turn my attention back to Mrs Midston.
Published: 10/22/2012
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