Spread Your Wings

A poem of love and hope.
Spread your wings and fly away,
Before you end up in an early grave,
Step out of the shadows,
Into the light of a brand new day,
You've been drowning in sorrow,
But now it's time for you to shine,
So throw away your troubles,
You can leave them all behind.

I'll take you away from the dusty streets,
To the meadow where the grass grows thick,
And we'll enjoy the summer breeze,
As it blows on the back of our necks,
Take my hand as we walk through the trees,
Enjoying all that life has to give,
Well away from the city of thieves,
Where the knaves and jokers live.

Life's far too fast in the city,
With all the hustle and bustle and grind,
So come with me to the country,
Where we can take our time,
To get to know each other well,
In the tranquil surroundings of nature,
And if you listen closely enough,
You will hear the angels whisper.

Let the serenity fill your mind,
Listen to the flowers as they grow,
Watch the butterfly flutter by,
Before she rests on the wild rose,
Sit down with me and rest your feet,
It seems like we've been walking all day,
Cuddle close and hear my heartbeat,
It's been pining it's life away.

Let's sit under the old oaks canopy,
Out of the sun for a while,
We won't even need to talk,
I'll send you my thoughts on a smile,
They say a nod is as good as a wink,
So if you should give me the nod,
My heart will no longer have to pine,
I'll be in heaven with the one I love.

So let's fly away on wings of fire,
Let's hightail it out of this city,
And let's give in to our desires,
Let me wallow in the love that you give me,
We'll leave the ghosts of the past behind,
And start afresh in our own little Eden,
So come out of the shadows and take my hand,
And spread your wings with me my darling.

Published: 7/15/2010
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