Sprinkling Of Leaves

A paranormal love poem? Depends on your view I suppose.
I've made you a pillow from a sprinkling of leaves,
Lay down your sweet head and let your heart bleed,
Sigh into the breeze and let your tears flow,
And let the white dove of love, fly off with your soul.

Sail on the wind to the beautiful land,
Leave your troubles behind, with your bones, on the ground,
Fly into the light where your true love awaits,
Let your consciousness guide you with clarity.

With a concerted endeavor to reach for your dreams,
Let the white witch cast her spell, from your memories,
And help separate yourself from physical constraint,
For the enhancement of your senses is so transient.

A fleeting glimpse into the spiritual realms,
Will enlighten your grief for the love that you mourn,
A brief understanding from a moment in time,
Will mend your broken heart and take away the pain.

Feel the love enfold you with a tender embrace,
And know you'll be loved forever and always,
That you'll be watched over and steered from all harm,
By the flowering memories held close to your heart.

But for now you must descend back down to the ground,
For astral projection can never last long,
But at least now you know that your love still awaits,
As you live with your memories awaiting your fate.

Lift your head from the pillow of sprinkled leaves,
Awake with a smile and dry the last of your tears,
For your time is not yet, you have much left to do,
Your time may pass slowly, but it will come to you!
Published: 6/23/2010
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