Proper Way to Squeeze a Pimple

Squeezing pimples can cause acne breakouts and leave long-lasting scars on your skin. It is essential to control the urge of squeezing pimples and let it heal on its own. Squeezing a fully developed pimple is only known to be safe, provided you take essential care while doing so.
Squeezing pimples is a common mistake that many make. While many believe that it will help clear off that inflammation, they don't know that this can further aggravate the condition and lead to severe acne with more number of pimples. While a pimple is not fully developed and still under the skin, trying to squeeze it can be an even bigger mistake which will push in the bacteria deeper in the skin, leading to severe infection.


There are many reasons of why one should not squeeze pimples. No matter how ugly the pimples look, it is best to let them heal on their own. This is one of the most common causes of acne. The first reason for which one should not squeeze pimples is the infection this can cause. Your habit will lead to transfer of dirt from your fingernails to this area and transfer of bacteria from the pimple to your fingernail. While your fingers touch surrounding skin, the same bacteria will spread leading to infection and breakouts. Another effect is that it can lead to reddened and inflamed skin. While the redness disappears you will notice a mark left behind. Remember that acne scars left behind after popping zits, it will take time to clear off and make your skin look really unattractive. Instead of later trying remedies to clear scarring, best to learn to get rid of pimples.

Stop the Habit

You need to stop the urge which will help you stay away from acne. Well, the first reason that makes your fingers attack the pimples is probably your fingernails. Next, get out of the habit of touching your face. Many have the habit of constantly toughing the face with hands and this transfers the germs from your hands, fingernails to your face leading to infection and pimples. Especially when you have pimples, avoid touching the affected area. Best way to stop is to try some remedies to heal them. Keep in mind that if you try to squeeze pimples before time, they are sure to worsen. Instead of squeezing them, you can just mask them to have a plain looking skin. Yes, if you are attending a party and can't carry that pimply face, just get a concealer with anti-acne formula. This will ensure that you safely mask the pimple without further damaging the same.

Right Way to Remove Pimples

In case the pimple is fully developed and the center has become white which looks like it will burst, you can squeeze it, but with optimum care. Start by taking a steam. This is very essential to help easily open up the pimple and clean off completely. After taking steam for 10 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water. Now wash your hands with antiseptic hand wash and take a few cotton pads. Take a needle and hold its tip on flame for 1-2 minutes or place it in boiling water to make it sterile. With one hand squeeze skin around the pimple and gently prick the center of pimple with the needle. Keep gently squeezing till all the pus comes out and blood starts flowing. Keep cleaning the pus and blood. Once it's over, again clean with a tissue. Hold ice on the popped pimple. After a minute, wash hands and take antiseptic lotion on a cotton pad. Clean pimple with this. With another cotton pad use antiseptic lotion to clean area around the pimple. Now leave it for drying and healing on its own. If you see blood, clean off with antiseptic lotion.

Remember not to use your fingers. Also keep the face clean using antiseptic lotion, instead of cosmetics and soaps. This might dry out the skin, but will help avoid infection and spreading of bacteria and acne breakouts. It is best to avoid squeezing even when it is fully developed and let it burst on its own. Follow natural acne cures to get rid of pimples safely and stay away from acne breakouts.
By Mamta Mule
Published: 5/27/2010
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