Stalking Creep

Being in a public place like a mall doesn't mean you're safe from murders or rapists, you're just walking into a trap.
Scary Man is following me. I don't know who the heck he is but he looks like a pedophile. Weirdo. I know I'm gorgeous but really? Stare much. Yeah, I just flicked you off, what now? Ewww he's smiling. Nasty perverted man. He looks decent enough.... for an old woman. Why do people let him in the mall? Creep. I'm walking away. Eww he's following me. Weirdo. He won't do anything though I'm in a public place. Dear. Never judge a book by its cover. Oh my god those shoes are amazing! That purse oh my god, must have it. Wow, I can see him leering at me in the reflection. Weirdo. Oh my god, my friends! Oh.. no.. they are leaving. Drat. Oh, well. I'm so hot I can walk in the mall alone. Oh.. no, he is not here! Kyle is such a man whore. And who is that slut who is half-draped over him. Nasty boy. Sigh. Teenagers these days. So I'm 19, almost 20 whatever, I don't care. Hmmm. I have to pee. Oh look there is a bathroom. Must be new. Why is it so isolated out here gosh. Oh, old part of the mall. Dear girl you're not that blonde. Shit, who just came in? Maybe that slut. Oh no.... "Hey sweetheart don't scream or I'll shoot, but do daddy a favor and take off your clothes." Shit.
Published: 4/26/2010
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