Stars of Night - Reappear

Something to learn, something to share before the stars of night - reappear!
Early morning, down there across the lane
I love watching them, standing at the window pane

Stars of the night, come down and gather
Forming a line, holding hands one after another
They take the path across the river
Walking through the woods, I can see them shiver

Ready in shoes, all set with backpacks
They well manage to jump the canal across
It's a best combination of coordination and care
I wonder, Whether even weather would dare to tear

I have talked a lot about them now
They are none other than children few
These tiny figures, cross a mile on weekdays
Their quest for education, is what I always want to appraise!

Tomorrow morning as they will reappear
To praise their efforts, I am going downstairs
If you have a heart, do me a favor
For each child around you, hug and say Yes - I CARE!
By Suhrud Potdar
Published: 1/29/2010
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