Steps to Building a House

Building a house is one of the most toughest projects to embark upon. In this article, I provide a basic overview of steps to building a house, which will give you an idea about what all it takes to build one!
Building our own house is a dream that every one of us has, and bringing it into reality is something that takes efforts of a lifetime! That is why when we begin the project of bringing this dream into reality and build our dream home, everything has to be just about perfect. Hence, a lot of meticulous planning and preparation followed by clinical execution is required. Through this article, I hope to convey the steps to building a house, which will give you an idea about the magnanimity of the job and the things you need to prepare for in advance.

I assume that since you are thinking about the steps to build a house, you have already bought a land and are finishing up with the architectural design of the house. Take time in getting a design developed from an architect that includes all your expectations and requirements. Let us talk about the steps to building a home that would be the execution part of the design plan of your dream home that you've created.

Steps to Building a New House

The design of a house is a huge project involving many successive steps; each one of which depends on the proper execution of the one before. It is a job that will test your patience, tolerance and stretch your purse strings to the maximum, but the end product will totally be worth all the efforts! To build a house, with all the amenities that make it a comforting living space makes it a complex job, which needs to be broken down into manageable parts. Here are the main steps to building a house from ground up in the chronological order of execution.

Getting a Building Permit
There are various permits that need to be approved by local governmental authorities at every step to building a house. First of all these permits is getting a building permit without which the construction of your house cannot begin. To get that, you will have to submit the house design to the concerned local authorities. You also need to get an approval for a well or septic system which needs to be checked by health officials during the building. Various other permits and inspections will be carried out by local authorities during the construction process. With the permits in hand, you can begin with the first step to build your house. You have to hire a contractor or builder, who in cooperation with the architect, will oversee the construction job.

Laying the House Foundation
The prime task that needs to be undertaken at the start is laying the foundation of the house. One of the first steps to building a house foundation is to clear out the trees and other encumbrances from the house building area and the area allotted for septic bed. Some people may have to carry out a leveling job if the land has a slope. The foundation could either be slab, block or pillar type, for which the land will be dug. It is essential that the foundation is laid properly as the stability of the entire structure depends on it. There will be inspections to ensure that the job is properly done. Laying down an electric grounding plate in the foundation is essential for the grounding of electrical connections. The foundation part is the most important part of all the steps to building a house yourself.

Working on the Framework, Walls, Doors and Windows
After a strong foundation is laid, the next part is building the skeleton framework of the house. First the exterior wall framework is laid followed by the framework for the roof in the form of roof rafters. With the whole framework in place including the exterior walls of the house, the sheathing work can begin and the doors and the windows are installed. I am being painfully brief here but this whole process takes a lot of time and putting in the slabs for each floor and the framework for each floor is the toughest and most important of all steps.

Siding Installation, Roofing, Electric and Plumbing Work
Next comes the installation of siding, the roofing and the plumbing work that needs to be undertaken. Each of these is a specialized job and requires a considerable amount of time. You need to assign separate contractors for these jobs. Electrical contractors need to finish the wiring job by this period. All the electrical installations need to be put in place.

Interior Finishing, Flooring and Painting
Ultimately the interior plastering and finishing job can begin. With the wall plastering moving towards a finish, flooring and tiling jobs must begin. When the plastering, finishing and flooring is done, painting of the house can begin. With interior and exterior painting done, most of the major work is over.

If you want to have a garden around your house, a separate landscaping project needs to be carried out that can transform the land around the house into lawns. This includes the designing and building of a drainage mechanism.

Interior Decoration
The last but still an important part is interior decoration. Then, the home furniture and all the other interior accessories in the house can now be put up. This is one of the steps involved in building a house which requires aesthetic sense. With that job done, you are just about ready to throw your house-warming party!

So this was a rough overview of all the steps to building a house. As you can see, many hands and heads are involved and every step to building a home, and it requires the specialized effort from various sub-contractors working under the close supervision of an architect and a builder whom you commission the job to. It is absolutely essential that you personally oversee every one of the steps to building a house, as after all you are going to live there and it's your dream taking shape into reality!
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 3/10/2010
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